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Date News Posted: January 10, 1999

Well the year has started off on the down side with Iron Eyes Cody passing away, Iron was about 94 I think but then who's counting ?

Jay Leno started off his show last night saying Iron Eyes Cody wasn't even an Indian, Who cares ? he probably did more for America than any six people and I can tell you this, the poster and the T.V. spots that were produced on him with the "Keep America Beautiful" campaign were not just a bunch of bull hockey, Iron would get upset anytime he would see someone or anyone throwing stuff on the ground or in the lakes.

This looks like a good time to throw in a little thing we wrote a long time ago, it goes like this. "The name that's given man at birth, has little meaning on this earth. It's what he's called through out the years, that makes him worth your love and tears"

We did three shows at the World famous Corriganville Movie Ranch and each show we started with Iron Eyes Cody doing a prayer, both in English and Indian sign language, we are proud of the memory that he was our friend.

Iron was invited and he came, to Eddie Dean's 89th. birthday party in North Hollywood, we were sitting on a bench talking when he spotted a very pretty blond girl, she was built sorta like I would want to be built, that is, if I was a girl. Anyway, he said, "do you think that young lady would have her picture taken with me" I said "Shucks Yeah, I bet she would love to" and got up to go ask her, he said, "wait a second, how about a little smooch ?" I said "Mr. Cody, I really like uh, but I don't think I oughta' be kissin ye" he said, "Not you, her" Well, that was kind of a disappointment, but anyway I said, "well, I'll ask her". So I did, and she said "Sure, I would be happy to" I said, "what about a smooch ?" she said sure, you're kinda cute, bend over here". I said "not me, Mr. Cody" dang, I lost again, well anyway she did and I took the picture of her and Iron, probably the only one anywhere of Iron Eyes Cody getting a big ol' smooch planted on him from such a pretty girl right on the old lip a rue-skies..

Iron was in seventh heaven when he had a microphone in his hand and in front of a lot of people, he liked talking about his days on the Silver Screen and some of the things he had done, he loved to have his picture taken and he just loved being in front and around a lot of people, period. He loved the fact that about every cowboy that you can think of had shot him, ambushed him, tried to run him out of town with his band of renegades. He said, sitting on that bench that day, "I sure wish I would have kept track of how many times I have been killed".

The final time has come Mr. Cody and with a tear in my eye like your famous posters, we say goodbye for the last time, sure, we will miss seeing you, but Roy, Gene, Tex and all the rest will be there a waitin' and they will have so much to talk over with you, heck, maybe that won't shoot at you for a while, but then again, maybe they will, you sure got a kick out a' tellin me about it that day, all them ol' boys shootin' at ye.

SO, as a final goodbye, I know exactly what you were and always will be,Mr. Iron Eyes Cody, "AMERICAN" and that's all that matters.

Today we received a really nice CD from Liz and Casey Anderson, and it really don't matter weather you like the music of the great old West or something on the Country side, it's got it all and more than that, some great history thrown in as a bonus. Casey, being one of the original re-run cowboys for the Pony Express mail, lays a good one on you in the album written by Casey and Liz called, "The Ballad Of The Pony Express".

The Pony Express riders would go down in history as being a breed of their own, they had to be tireless and thin and be able to ride like the wind, anyway, you'll hear the story when you hear Casy sing on this new CD from him him and Liz called, "Liz Anderson" The Cowgirl Way.

Liz has never sounded better than she does on this album, and they all come from her pen and with the help of Casey on a couple of them, the album smoothes out with an even dozen songs,  here is a good title for ye, "You Ain't Me & This Ain't Texas" and if you want to shake your booty a little, try this one called "Yodeling Texas Linedance".

Like we have said a million times before, we miss the old albums, that was the best way to do a lot of readin' about who did what, who wrote what, and who was where and when. These new CD's have got great sound but not much writin' space on the back, anyhow, if this CD was a little fatter then you could read something you may not know, like, how many Super Great hit songs that Liz Anderson has written that others carried right in to the outer limits , for starters, who could forget these words, from now on, all of "My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers"  a Liz Anderson song. or, "Just Between The two Of Us" Smash hits for Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens also a Liz Anderson song>the first Country Hit for Conway called "Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart"...OR, how about this one, where the music started off, bob, bob,pow, like that about three times then Merle started like this, I'd like to settle down but they won't let me, that one was Merle's first number one record, Liz and Casey Anderson called it, "I'm A Lonesome Fugitive" the records stores called it, money, money, money, and we call it, a great song.

Usually we don't try to talk for anyone else, but I think we are pretty safe in saying that Liz Anderson would not get upset if on your way home from work, you would stop by the record store and grab one, or two, send one to Uncle Elmer, It's a great album for us folks who still love good stuff.

Here is another story about Uncle Elmer, now that we have mentioned him, in Grandma's attic there was an old wind up record player, the needles came in packages, ten or fifteen for a dime. Uncle Elmer cranked that thing up and stuck one of them big fat 78's on it and let er' rip, he would do that 'bout every day. Well, he ran out of needles to sharp to make the record sound good so he filed him down an old finish nail and stuck it between his teeth and was tryin' to track that record going round and round and round. We walked in one day and he was doin' that, I said, "Uncle Elmer, what in the world are you doin'", he said, "Stick your ear up by my ear and you can hear the music", so I did, danged if he weren't right, coming right out of his ear was Roy Acuff singin' the Wabash Cannonball.

The other day we got to thinking about that and wondered if it would still work, we pulled out an old Leon Rausch record and stuck it on the turntable, stuck a finish nail between my lips and stuck it in the grove, dang, we forgot that thing was electric and not wind up, come close to electrocuting myself, but we did hear music, comin' out of places that I sure didn't expect to ever hear a tune comin' from.

We have had a lot of folks send e-mail or write wondering where some of the great ol' greats had gone,. Well, we were thinkin,' a lot of the great old shows like Town Hall Party, Melody Ranch, Western Varieties and most all of the others, both west coast and east coast, had group pictures of all of their stars. So we were thinking when we got caught up on a few things we would pull out some of those pictures and just go around in a circle and just find out exactly where they are and all those we can't find, then some of you guys locate them and and we will put it on our news page so every one will know.

I sure do know for a fact that there are a few of them we would sure like to know what happened to, like Don Deal, we mentioned him a few months ago and since then atl least three people have written asking if we had found him yet. Nope, not yet, but he's some where, I just hope it ain't over the rainbow, and no, this is not a service for the IRS and no, we don't know no-one named Willie.

Let's see if we can list a few of those that we still know where are >> Doye O'Dell, had s stroke a couple years back, but is still doing pretty good, and lives up close to New Hall, Ca. Cliff Crofford, super song writer from the Town Hall Party days and among other great hits, wrote, Old Rivers for Walter Brennan, is doing great and just had two or three of his songs in the new Robert Redford movie "The Horse Whisper" he is up around Ontario, Ca.> Of course you know Mr. Brennan passed away several years ago, Mrs. Brennan just in the past year or so, but if you are ever in Southern California and would like to visit their grave site, maybe with a few pretty flowers, they are buried at the cemetery at the San Fernando Valley Mission, in the S.F. Valley.

Bill Mize another great singer from his own show the "Melody Ranch" and before that "Town Hall Party' also had a stroke a few years back but is still doing great and looks really good. and lives up around Bakersfield, our good friend for many years Hal "Mr. Hillbilly Heaven" Southern, we are sorry to say passed away this past year. Hi Busse who lived and worked for many years in Southern California and was the head boss for the group "The Frontiersmen" passed away just a couple of years ago and we just received a nice letter this past week that Eddie Busse, Hi's wife had just passed away, a very sweet and funny lady to be around..

One of the greatest fiddlers from the good old 50's days, Billy Armstrong who was about a 13 time national fiddlin' champ has really got a job to end all jobs, he works boat cruise's between California and Mexico and between California and Alaska, he is gone a few days, they fly him back and he does it again on one of them big ol' luxury liners. Another guy that was just something else, slow talkin' slow walkin' fiddlin' Harold Hensley, passed away a few years ago, some of you might remember one of the Lucy shows he did where there were twin girls and Tennessee. Ernie on the show, both the fat twin girls wanted Ernie, Harold Hensley and his band were playing and Ern, Lucy and Ricky tied up the girls while they were doing the dose' e' doe at the jail house so old Ern could get away, anyway, Harold and his wife had just bought a new house in Paradise, Ca. and were on the way there for the first time, Harold Hensley died at the City Limits sign from a heart attack.

KLAC morning man Don Hinson, that took over Stewart Hamblen's Cowboy Church show from that station several years ago, will be appearing at the famed Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, California come February the 6th. just three or four weeks from now, where we will be doing a fund raiser to raise money for Eddie Dean's star on the Palm Springs Walk Of Fame, Don Hinson is probably one of the best singers around, he sings and sounds a lot like Elmer Fudd, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash all at the same time, as far as we know he has never stopped an earthquake, but he has been accused of starting a few. Appearing with Don Hinson will be many of the great old Cowboy's from yester year and some of the new ones from tomorrow, Also on the show, but certainly not up the the caliber of Hinson's singing will be 14 time number one hit maker, Mr. Freddie Hart, one talented actor, writer, funny man and good guy Johnny Mitchum will be there, we will be looking for an unreal talent in that of the Super Great, Mr. Herb Jeffries, & if the Good Lord willin' Randy Boone, costar of the hit TV series "The Virginian.

We will have a pretty much complete list a week before showtime, everyone reading this is invited, there is no charge at all to get in, just stick a couple bucks in the pot for a donation for the star and come and enjoy your self and bring your camera.

We will fax you a map if you do not know where the ranch is, It is just a stones throw from the 118 freeway and Topanga Canyon Blvd at the edge of Chatsworth,CA. past home city of the King Of The Cowboys, Mr. Roy Rogers.

We will be back soon with an updated list of stars that will be appearing, this will probably be your only chance to see this many stars all in one place for no admission.

We'll see ye later, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley

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