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Date News Posted: January 20, 1999

Last night watching the George Jones show on TNN we realized how much Country Radio is missing by not playing George's music, and in last night's case Roy Clark.   I think because Roy plays such an outstanding guitar that we sometimes forget how much feeling and emotion Roy puts into his singing, and if you will let your mind wander back to the days of "Hee Haw" when Roy, Grandpa and Kenny Price (there is another one we miss) sang those great old gospel songs, then you will realize how much has been missed in these past few years where True Country Music is concerned.

Another thing that we had to smile at last night was, how much George is a fan of other singers and their songs, he don't pay much attention to radio today either but he said he was playing Charley Pride's CD's in his car. Before George's show last night, his wife Nancy was on the show before talking about her new book "Nashville Wive's" and Charley and his wife was on with her (Nancy) we didn't read the book yet but gathering from what they were talking about, Charley at one time had thrown a television out the window, anyone that's smart will buy two T.V's at a time anyway, one to watch "Vengeance Unlimited" (the best TV show on today anyway) next to the George Jones Show,  and the other one to throw out the window.

It really doesn't do any good to talk about the stuff they are playing on radio today, the people that now own the stations probably don't understand English anyway, I know when we are flipping' around the channels and hit on a Chinese station we don't understand a word they are saying either, we don't blame the foreigners for buying our stations, we blame the people that sold them to um, and until some American people start investing some American  money back into GOOD American radio then you can kiss the "Lone Ranger" and George Jones goodbye.

There has got to be some  rich boogers out there someplace with enough money in a coffee can to buy a big enough station that we can turn into a pure Country Music station, maybe along highway 40 someplace between California and Tennessee and all points south, that will invite George and Charley and Merle and Roy and Freddie and Harlan and Porter and Claude, and, well, you know who we mean,  to stop by when they are passing through and talk about Country Music the way it was meant to be, and the first time one of the D.J's played a record and didn't tell you who it was, fire him. It is not fair to the artist, the record company or the people listening to the station, just because you as a D.J. know Hank Snow, that don't mean every one does.

Charley Pride, and ole George was right when he said, he always liked Charley but never really realized how good that dude could sing, thinking back to a two lane road and a cornfield the road separated, just drivin' along thinking how good that fresh corn smelled after a night of slow rain falling on it and the radio tuned in to a good country station when someone we had never heard before came on, guess who? Charley Pride singing the "Atlantic Coastal Line" later on the D.J. must have liked what he had heard in Charley's voice because he turned the record over and played "The Snakes Crawl At Night", by sundown I was playing the record on my own turntable, Charley Pride sounded just as good last night as he did however many years ago that was since that first time.

We sent  a fax down to Porter Wagoner's place about some of his recordings, we can get them elsewhere but had rather get them from the source if possible, so far no answer back, but anyway, sometimes that takes a few days to hear back from people, so we'll wait.  We were listening to a tape of Porter's just the other day that had twenty songs on it, if anyone ever wrote any songs about the rock hard roots of living, it has to be Porter Wagoner and he sings them or recites them the same way, a couple of them songs on that tape were so sad my dog left home, he called me last night 1-800-collect from Georgia, my dog, not Porter, said he wasn't coming home 'till he learned the words to "The Bird That Never Flew"

A man or woman that chooses to be in the entertainment business, that gets so famous that the whole world knows them, that fans over the years have spent millions of dollars to go see them come rain or shine, then, a part of that person should always belong to those fans, they no longer belong to "Just The Family". We have read several times over the past few years of a famous Country singer or Cowboy dying and the family just going crazy over what the artist left behind, sure he may have been your father or your brother, but it was good   people, good fans who stood in the rain, the sleet, or the snow to buy the tickets that paid for the easy life you were living .

There is no need to mention names as to who these super stars were that had those family problems after they died, some of the problems arose because the artist just never got around to making up a new will as to where his or her stuff should go after they died, since no one thinks they are going to die today, they put off making up that will 'till tomorrow, sometimes tomorrow never comes, sometimes 50 wills wouldn't keep your family from fighting over what you left behind, but if you have a good, understanding family, then maybe they will grant your last wishes and do what you ask and wanted.

The point is, if all those many fans came to see you, then they deserve to always be able to go to a museum some where and see a part of you, some of your show clothes, some of your pictures or anything you might think would be nice to leave behind as a thank you to all those many fans.

We know of a very famous person that not to long ago passed away, a member of the family is waiting to take possession of all this person owned and sell it to the highest bidder, forget the museum part unless they want to buy it, most museums don't even charge for people to go in for a little visit, but if they do, most times it's just pocket change, so they sure can not afford to pay big prices for anyones mementos. So the stuff, whatever that might be, goes into a private collection only to be see by the buyer and his or her friends. Is that fair to all his or her fans ?

Another person we know of passed away, some members of the family took items, rings and the likes off the body in the casket, took gold records from the wall and are still fighting over what the person left behind.

There are more museums other than what just Nashville, or Chicago or any other state has to offer, some of the older fans that loved you over the years can't get two thousand miles from home to see some of your things, so would it hurt now while you are alive and kickin' to make up some donation items to send or take to smaller museums around America, and places overseas also.  If they were good fans of yours, if you had some gold records, trophy shops can duplicate the whole package for not a lot of money and those are always great for fans to look at and see your song that they were the reason for you getting it in the first place.

If you have already sent things to museums before you died, then chances are your kids or family won't be able to get them back or sell them and those things will always be there for your fans.  But if you haven't sent anything anywhere then sit down and put it on paper where everything should go and send every member of your family a copy of it and lock a copy in a vault or someplace where it can be read and seen by all when the time comes>Remember Willie singing "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away"

Thinking back at the family taking your stuff while you are cold in the box, well it ain't like that I got nothin' worth takin' and it ain't like I'm expectin' any crowds when we croak, but if the good Lord is a readin' this tonight, if you'll just do me a favor and call me the night before and say, "Tomorrow we will be needed you up here" well then, I'll run right down to the 7-11 get me a couple tubes of crazy glue, put on my best blue jeans and flower sack shirt with the pockets in it, put on my worn old belt with the Hoyt Axton belt buckle hangin' on the end and my new Durango Boots that Wayne Rogers gave me. After I get all the way dressed I am gonna pull down my pants and empty a tube of crazy glue down each leg, cause if I am lucky enough to get up there and the good Lord assigns me to Tex Ritter's cabin, there ain't no way I am gonna knock on that cabin door and old Tex opens it and there I am a standin' naked.      

Things are coming along great for the Eddie Dean fundraiser for February the 6th 1999, folks have sent us checks and we thank you for those and today one of the greatest artists anywhere, Walter Brennan Jr. came by and brought us some lithos from the original that he had painted of his father and three time Academy Award Winner, and also some lithos that he had painted of the great Tom Mix, we will either sell these or auction them off to the highest bidder on February the 6th, all proceeds going to the Eddie Dean Star in Palm Springs, California.

All of the above are numbered and are limited editions, after they are purchased Mr. Brennan will personally sign them to whoever buys them.

W.B.Jr. said today he was going to start back painting again, he has taken some time off from the canvas to build some really classy model airplanes that he loves to fly, he and some good friends have their own model plane airport along side of a beautiful lake and it is really fun to watch those little planes soar through the blue skies of California, BUT the best news is him starting back to painting again, if you are lucky enough to get an original or a litho (print) you will be proud to hang it in your home.

Freddie Hart will be one of our guest at the Iverson Movie Ranch on the 6th, so if you are in Southern California on that date, you sure will be welcome to come see the show. Either today or last night Freddie left for Nashville to film the George Jones show, now if that ain't two greats I'll kiss your foot.

If you see Nancy Jones' book in your local book store, we are sure it would not make her mad if you bought a copy, and after we are finished with Eddie Dean's Star, those of you that will help me, we will start making up some flyers, GEORGE JONES FOR PRESIDENT, what do you think about that George?

Cindy Walker is probably wondering why we haven't sent her any fresh road kill moose, well I thought since my brother will be leaving in a week or so for Australia, he promised to send us back a jeep squashed kangaroo, so get the hot water a boilin' Miss Walker cause we are a gonna tie the kangaroo down.

Watch for good friend Ancel Cook's Super Bowl commercial, (M&M's) I think, last year it was a nose piece across some pigs noses to keep them from oinkin' too loud.

Don Hinson and John Mitchum will be swapping funny stories at the Iverson Ranch the 6th. and we hope you will be there.

Thanks for all the mail this week, we really do appreciate.

We will see you next time, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley 

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