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Date News Posted: January 23rd. 1998

This past six months as far as I am concerned could have been postponed until the year of 2050, It has been a bummer time for the world of Country Music and a heck of a lot of other things.

Denver Pyle, Floyd Cramer, Owen Bradley, Carl Perkins, and yesterday the funeral services of a California icon, Cliffie Stone.

It is for sure that of all the people that I have ever know in my life of Country Music, I can sum up Cliffie in 5 words, "Cliffie Stone Was Something Else" if there was anything in the world of Country Music that ole' Cliff never did, then I sure don't know what the heck it was, He had a way that after you did a show for him you almost wanted to pay him as opposed to the other way around, and even though every single artist that ever worked for him knew this, they were always at his next show singing or pickin' away where ever that might have been.

It's funny that no matter how well you know some one there is always a thing or two that always sticks in your head. Now everyone that has ever heard Eddie Dean sing knows he is one of the finest singers that ever lived to say nothing about his showmanship, so one day Cliffie called and was talking about his new book or something or another and I ask him what he had coming up, he said he was going to do a show in Seal Beach, I said are you going to use Eddie ?, he said "yea, when he learns how to sing" I told Eddie what he said, Eddie said "it don't matter, he wasn't going to pay me anything anyway". Of course Cliffie did the show (standing room only) and Eddie was his Star attraction. The only thing that surprises me is that he didn't send Eddie a bill.

When the show was all over and it was time to sing a gospel song or a song about America, I was standing at one end of the stage talking with the great fiddle player's wife Billy Armstrong, Eddie was about ready to finish up his last song when Cliffie gave me a little nudge as he went out to close the show, he said "Come on out and sing the last song with us" I knew why he wanted me to go out and sing, (So he wouldn't have to) he'd just move his lips, ole' Cliff was already thinking about the next show.

One thing I can say and no-one can prove me wrong and that is--whether there is a Here-After or not, I don't ever remember meeting a man or woman that has told me they have been dead for the past several years and decided to come back, so it could very well be so great up there that who would want to come back, and who can say that there is not Country Music in Heaven or even in the other place for that matter...So this is what I think is going on today just a couple of days after Cliffie got there >Cliff is on the phone:" Hello, yes, is this God" ? "Yes it is, well good morning Mr. Stone", "Ah that's o.k Sir, you can just call me Cliffie, I'm just trying to get my office set up to do a show next week and I was wondering, do you play the harp or any instrument that might fit in with my shows" ? "Well as a matter of fact Mr. Stone, ah, Cliffie, I do play a pretty good harp, and have been taking lessons on a few other instruments, I chose not to use that miracle thing, I wanted to learn on my own, anyway, what do you have in mind "?. "Well I was thinking God, if you could get someone to rearrange those clouds over there that we could use for a stage, call that group you call the Heavenly Choir to do the back ground singin' and if you have got someone that is not busy to call a few of the other good ole boys and girls like Hank and Tex and, well you know who I mean God and tell them I'm here and that I'll be doing a show week from Saturday we would sure appreciate it".

"There is one slight problem God, since I left in a little bit of a hurry, I left my check book laying on the dresser so I won't be able to pay these guys but I am sure they will have a great time working for me".

"I'm glad you brought that up Mr. Stone, I mean Cliffie, could you just make me up a list of those you have paid "?.

"I sure will sir, I'll put all their names on the back of this fax I'm going to send you".

If you knew Cliffie Stone you will miss him, If you didn't you should have because like I said "CLIFFIE STONE WAS SOMETHING ELSE"


Eddie Dean and Dearest Dean's son which they oddly enough also named Eddie, worked his tail off like most people all his life, he retired and he and his wife bought a little spread up around Placerville, California > they moved a mobile home onto the property while they built their house from dirt up, and like anything else there were problems (and we know because our own home hit the ground in the big earthquake) but nevertheless it finally got finished enough to move in.

Needless to say that being the son of a famous cowboy he was given things as a kid by other cowboys, he bought stuff, he saved stuff, and like most all of us he had a lot of stuff that meant the world to him not only for the memories that every piece of it brought back to him but the value of these things had no end.

At a lot of the functions such as golf tournaments, country music shows and other various kind of shows, guitar companies donate a guitar to that organization, now if you have ever priced a guitar at any shop where they are sold then you know how much they cost, somewhere between a couple hundred bucks and a few thousand depending on what you want.

BUT, If a famous person signs that guitar, the original price no longer matters especially if that person has since died, SO that is why they call guitars that have been signed a "Signature Guitar" and somewhere in the show these guitars are auctioned off to the highest bidder and this not only raises money for that particular organization but gives the buyer an investment.

Now we know this web page goes all over the world so this is why we need your help, a short while ago Eddie Jr. and his wife left for just a few hours to run to the store in the middle of the day, sometime between the hours of one and four or five o'clock, when they returned, the house had been demolished like a hurricane and among two full pages of handwritten other things that were taken, FIVE of these Signature guitars.

We are not sure if those that stole these guitars or any of the other property for that matter but especially these signed guitars knew what they were worth or the sentimental value to Eddie, but if they do or if they don't hardly matter now but chances are some where down the line some one will try to sell them and that is where we need you.

People tend to eventually hang themselves if they have committed a crime and gotten away with it because they love to brag, and most of them could care less if it was signed by Adolph Hitler, The Pope or Marty Robbins, they just see the money they can get from a guitar, and for the most part most anyone that has an instrument that a famous person has signed usually either keeps it for as long as they live then it gets handed down to a son or daughter or donated to a museum some where but seldom do they get sold.

So if you could, no matter if you are a private person, own a hock shop, buy stolen goods to sell it again or are just a good person that some one has approached asking if you would like to buy a guitar. Words can not say how much Eddie would like to have his property back.

A web page is pretty much a private thing so you can pretty much send any email you like and no one would know where it came from, I guess that part really doesn't matter since chances are the ones who took it are not going to tell us anyway, but you could if someone tries to sell something to you that don't seem quite right.

We are just going to list a few of the items that were taken here but all of the guitars, we have all of the serial numbers of the guitars but are not going to list them here, if someone tries to sell you a guitar that matches any of these descriptions we will email, fax, write, phone, drop it off in the middle of the night at a phone booth or any other way you want the serial number of whichever one you think you might have knowledge of.

Item number one: 1 Acoustic guitar Fender model F210, many autographs Marty Robbins, Memorial Classic 1984

Item number two: 1 Acoustic guitar Fender model Gemini II, many autographs from the 4th. annual A.C.M. golf tourney and the 21st Anniversary A.C.M. signatures

Item number three: 1 Acoustic guitar Mitchell model MD100, many autographs from the 7th annual A.C.M. golf tournament

Item number four: 1 Acoustic guitar Mitchell model MJ100, many autographs from the 10th annual A.C.M. golf tournament

Item number five: 1 Acoustic guitar National gold in color with the name Eddie Dean on the front and also has pickup for amplification

2-1851 Colt Navy Brass Pistols

1 Model 97 Winchester pump shotgun

1 20 gauge single barrel shotgun

1 Diana Magnum air rifle

There is a two page long list of items that were taken including, cameras, gold coins, watches, money, computer and printer, C.D. playback unit and this list goes on and on, So if you can help needless to say it would be much appreciated.

Any questions you might have please feel free to email or fax us or any other way you want to contact us and we will sure get back to you.

Like we said back up the line about, especially the guitars, they are not an item that most people would just go out into the street and try to sell.

If you put yourself into Eddie JR's shoes then you would know that even if every single item was returned before the day was over, that house will never be the same again, that memory of a no good stranger in your house going through, stealing and tearing apart your home is a real sick feeling.

We had a lot of good stories to write this month about some of the greats that have left us, some new C.D's from the Classic's and a few funny stories to tell but every time we started this page in the past few weeks another one died and then when we heard about this breakin we waited again to get the list from the police report and we just felt like if we could not use this Newspage to help a friend, why even have it at all.

We also know that if any of the good guys in country music and the great old cowboys ever see any of this stuff that was stolen you'll get um: and when we do maybe we could start a little section called "COUNTRY'S MOST WANTED"

Well anyway, thanks very much and if everyone that reads this just tells a couple more people we just might get the crook.

See you soon

Don Bradley

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