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Date News Posted: January 29, 1998

If you live in Florida be sure to catch one of Cal Smith's shows, ole Cal starts the 28th. of February and will be at it 'till the 26th. of March, we'll give you a few of the town names and if you want some more let us know.

March 1st. Bonita Springs (these are all in March) 2nd. Kissemmee>3rd. Frost Proof > 4th. Bushnell > 5th. Port Richey > 6th. Zephyrhills >7th Hudson > 8th. back to Zephyrhills > and the 9th.(I wanted to get to this one because I have no idea how to pronounce it and I don't think you could after a few shots of "Jack"....) Anyway on the 9th. Cal will be working in Thonotassassa, Florida at camp Lemora..Lord have mercy, if that ain't a mouth full I'll bite your pig.

Now look, most of these shows just about everyone can afford to go see, "so go see Cal," that sounds like a Worthington Ford car commercial, that is if you live in California or Washington State, and I am sure anyone that has ever been to California knows who Cal Worthington is with his dog spot (usually a lion or a bear) anyway GO SEE CAL SMITH, he is a GREAT singer and a GREAT person to know.

I can't let this one get away, I just looked down Cal's tour schedule and on the 20th. of March he will be working at "Catfish Johnny Restaurant" in (are you sittin' ?) Lake Panosoffkee, I'm gonna move there just so I can write my friends in Denmark and let um try to nail that one

A couple of Cal Smith's idols in this great old world of Country Music is and was, of course his good friend Mr. Ernest Tubb who Cal worked with for many years and one who encouraged Cal to record on his own, not that he wanted to git rid of him, he just could see something special in Cal that should not be lost as just a band member, so Cal did start recording and because of that, on my way to Sonora a few weeks ago, I played "COUNTRY BUMPKIN" and "DRINKING CHAMPAGNE" all the way up and back, it's just a short trip, seven hours each way, so you can figure out how many times I played it, I took my brother with me, he lives in Tacoma, he hasn't called me since, I'm pretty sure I drove him crazy.

And the second person that his biggest fan is Cal Smith is...Mr. Hank Thompson, Hank Thompson to me is one of the best of the best, I loved it in those days when before the record made two spins on the turntable you knew who it was and there was no doubt about it when you heard that steel guitar in a Hank Thompson album you knew what and who was comin' Wa..Wa..Waaaa..Wa.

We spoke for a while yesterday with Hank's lovely lady that takes care of business and answers the phone > Miss. D D, she faxed us up some nice stuff on Hank including some information about Hank's new release called "HANK THOMPSON AND FRIENDS" which is on "CURB" records and you can buy that bugger right now in your record store..I gotta tell you this, it is all I can do as a Country boy to go into some of these record stores today and deal with a guy or girl behind the counter with 16 ear rings sticking in places they shouldn't be stickin' and don't know Hank Thompson from a jelly bean, (we don't have any of them yet but we will) BUT::Miss. D.D. said this was a great C.D. so put on some dark glasses and go buy one, listen to who the friends part of this album is, Vince Gill, Junior Brown, Tanya Tucker, Brooks & Dunn, Delaney & Bonnie, Bekka Bramlett, Lyle Lovett, Marty Stuart, and the Great GEORGE JONES & KITTY WELLS.

Hank is on the road right now so check your local paper he might be there or coming soon, anyway Miss. D.D. said she would have us a schedule in a few days and we will get it to you, if any of the Country Greats get any where close to your house, dang-nab-it, go see um.

I know this is 1998, I know things change, I know you either change or the world passes you by, but I want to know how many of you think this is cool, the commercial on T.V. with some people and a little baby with there head full of ear rings drinking a soft drink and the soft drink squirting out all them holes from the ear rings. Now if that's cool, Lord, take me home.

Where do they get these people writing this stuff, I'm not much of a sports fan, I have better things to do like write this stuff about my heroes and the people I really care about BUT I do think the Super Bowl has some of the best commercials ever put together on that game so I watch it, and I really get a kick out of the Budweiser Frog and Lizard, and last year one of my best friends had a thirty second or so spot on the Super Bowl, he was doing a spot for those things you put across your nose that lets you breath easier, I thought it was stupid but never the less funny, they had the strips on pig's noses, but soda pop coming out a baby's ear and nose, or any one else's head just ain't funny to me.

I think I told you our Ernest Tubb story before but we got nothing better to do, so I'm gonna tell you again.

I was ordering some records a few years ago that at the time was recording Ernest and after we had given the little lady on the phone our order, I ask her, does Mr. Tubb ever come in the office?, (now like always I have to throw some thing in, I am in no-way making fun of the way she talked with a deep southern accent, I call Kentucky home and nobody talks more hillbilly than me, so to make this come out right read her part like she was really country)

Like I said, "does Mr. Tubb ever come into the office ?" she said "Why yes he does" I said "the next time he comes in, will you tell him he owes me a lot of money ?" she said "well my goodness, I can't believe Ernest would owe anybody any money and not pay um, why Lord have mercy, how much does he owe you ?" I said "well, I don't rightly know mam, but when I was a kid ever time I would start to leave the house to go to my job at the grocery store, that D.J. would put on another Ernest Tubb record and I'd stay to listen, I'd be late for work and get fired." She started laughing and said "I think that's the funniest thing I ever heard, when Ernest comes in I'm shore gonna tell him."

I thought that was the end of the story, but a week or so later an envelope came from the record company which I thought was some promotion material, But when I opened it there was two 8X10 color pictures of Ernest Tubb, both of them signed and one of them he had turned over and wrote six or eight lines on the other side to me, I thought at the time, that was really a nice thing for him to do, today, money couldn't buy um.

Cal Smith was right when he said Ernest Tubb was a fine man.

Somebody around here sent my News Page through a checker the other day, I don't know, I guess it is something that checks to see weather or not you write good stuff, when it came back it said the articles were good but I couldn't spell worth a s---, or words to that effect, anyway what they don't know is I do not write in English, I write in country, so what I am going to do is, save up enough money to send that guy to Kentucky for a couple of years, when he gets back he'll think I write pure good, or is it plumb good. Wonder if he has ever used a corn cob for toilet paper ?.

I am really sorry to say that yet another one of our Country singers has left us and this time the son of the person we have been talking about, Justin Tubb passed away in the last few days, as of yet we don't have the story as to the reason, but I guess it doesn't matter we will miss him and his music, some of you may not know that it was Justin that wrote probably one of the biggest hits that Hawkshaw Hawkins ever had called "LONESOME 77-203" and of course he had a good hit himself with his "TAKE A LETTER MISS. GRAY".

We were at it 'till daylight this mornin' adding some more C.D's and Cassette albums to our web page catalog, we still have a ton of them to go, about the time we get a little bit caught up there will be another train load of them to add to the list, ever time we open a box of the old classic L.P's I'm in a barrel of poop 'cause that is where I am still sittin' come dark reading them great old liner notes on the back and haven't added one of them to the page.

Please!!!! If you haven't read last weeks news page, please do and see if we can find the one or ones responsible for stealing his guitars, guns, money and other stuff and tearing apart Eddie Dean JR's house. As E.T. would say "THANKS A LOT.

Ain't it funny how small towns for the most part really welcome a big celebrity, then because of that celebrity the town grows because other folks think, well, if it's good enough for old so and so, then it's good enough for me..BUT, after the town gets big and the celebrity wants to expand his business or what ever he has, the town council gives him such a ration of crap with permits and you can't do this and you can't do that, that it's enough to make you want to throw up.

Well I don't know all the story and don't really care because I am sure that Roy Jr. knows what he is doing, but we did read the town was giving him a lot of static because he wanted to expand his Dad's museum location to house an entertainment center or what ever it was, and I reckon the town came un-glued, so along comes a partner with twelve or twenty million dollars and they found a town that welcomed them with open arms, I don't know if Dusty plans to move the whole Roy Rogers operation or not to Temeculia, but if he does the town council in the location Roy's museum is in now should have their heads examined.

Corriganville in Simi Valley, California back in the late 40's was listed as the 10th largest draw in the world for tourist and fans and people that wanted to see how Westerns and other movies were filmed which the record books show was over three thousand five hundred movies filmed on that location.

When Ray "Crash" Corrigan died some years ago, the town, the people that bought it and every one else just let it fall and burn to the ground, but we did get a new Taco Bell.

Don't get to far away, we'll be back soon and Please don't die, we had enough of that the past few months.

Why do out houses have a quarter moon carved in the door ?

See Ye Later


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