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Date News Posted: March 24, 1999

On a beautiful Palm Springs afternoon, Saturday, March the 20th. the long over due star for Eddie Dean was unveiled, while fans, friends, family and celebrities were looking on, Eddie was looking down saying "my goodness, I can't believe all these people showed up for me.

Well, they did good ol' friend, but most important of all, front row center was your "Dearest" and while you always said to her in song, "Did you ever know that you're my hero" today, you were hers and the hero of all your family, friends and fans.

I am really sorry that Hollywood was so blind over the years as to what a star really is, walking the streets of tinsel city and looking down at the stars placed in the sidewalk, one can't help but say to themselves, "who in the heck is this guy". And when a local D.J. is placed into a walk of fame that can't be heard more than fifty miles away and friends no farther away than the next state never heard of them, well, something is wrong or better yet, Houston, we got a problem.

Even though using bad language is not becoming to anyone, and it certainly wasn't your style and also because we have friends that read this that we care a lot about, we won't, but there are times when the word "shucks" just don't get it. So let's just put it this way, politics when it comes to honest to God, good human beings that have devoted their life to others, that have driven thousands of miles to entertain others, and some times for nothing, that have stood for hours on end signing autographs and shaking hands and have treated ever person they ever met like they were the star because they took the time to come and see them, then the politics in this game sucks.

The world of the Silver Screen Cowboy was something special, that the old picture show with Roy, Gene and Eddie Dean was a place Mom and Dad could send us on a Saturday and know we were safe, they were our heroes that we could not wait to get home and the only fights that ever occurred between us friends was, who was going to play Roy and who was going to play Pierce Lyden (the bad guy) (though we didn't know his name at the time) and the words in bold headlines across the top of the Kentucky News or the Indianapolis Star never read, ROY ROGERS-BUSTED FOR COCAINE".

How we can look up to cocaine, ear piercing, nose piercing, wife beating,purple haired, garbage mouth, cheating, rotten, no good freaks that are apart of what we have to chose from today as a hero is so far out of my realm that I am not about to even attempt to go there, and I ain't about to mention no-names, but like my old Pappy always said, "If the shoe fits, wear it."

There is some great new clean living kids in the entertainment world that are trying to make their mark, trying to do what's right and trying to make their Mom and Dad proud of them, it's those above that make the older generations say, "I quit watching T.V., or, I don't even go to the movies anymore", making it really hard for a new breed of heroes to emerge from a generation of kids that grew up on four letter words.

The whole concept of how a "Star" is chosen and who pays for it to be there has always been something that leaves a lot to be desired anyway, wouldn't you think that a country that not long ago spent thousands and thousands of dollars to find out where cow gas goes and what happens to it once it reaches that thing they call the O-Zone, and all the grants that have been given to people to travel to foreign countries (countries that wish we would mind our own business anyway) to study why apes and gorillas do what they do ??? who cares ? ..If you took to the streets and ask every person you could meet in a day if they cared what a gorilla does in his daily life in Africa, what do you think the answers would be ? and if you ever lived on a farm, or even visited one for a short period of time, then you already know real quick where cow gas goes, some years ago there was a slang expression that fits here real nice and that was, "Up your nose"

The point is, cow gas never gave any one I know one minutes worth of entertainment, and even though I really do love gorillas, I have no desire to scientifically figure out why the scratch their private parts and why they feed their babies swinging from a tree, I already know the answer to those questions, their privates inch and their babies are hungry, so why is their not money readily available to fund "Stars in sidewalks" "Statues in town squares" "More Walls with Heroes names on them" in every state in America. Committees set up to debate, discuss and send out ballads to the working man and woman as to who "HIS or HER" Hero is.

And then when this is all done, go out and find this person if he or she is still alive and honestly make a big deal out of it and make sure the town, the state and the world knows about it.

I loved every second of being able to do something good for my friend Eddie Dean, because it was all done by people that loved him for the good person he was, but there are so many others that will never be honored, Eddie, bless his heart had friends like you there to help, but somewhere someone should have called one of us and said, "Tell us what it cost and the money will be on the way because America wants to honor our Hero, Eddie Dean".

Most all of us have done a lot of things in our life time, I was a roust-a-bout for a while in the oil fields of Texas, (they dang near killed me), we drove stock cars for a  while in Wyoming, we ran a few honky tonk bars (that'll get ch') we were a Marine for nine years in Korea and America, finished radio and T.V. school to learn how to push buttons, worked for a private detective agency (the only thing I ever caught was old ladies trying to steal pickles, oh, I did catch a guy with a carton of L&M's down his shorts, and the night I had to shove my 38 through a meat case at a guy that was about ready to rob the super market I was in was all she wrote, I quit the next day, no way was I going to risk a shoot out for seven bucks an hour) I was a D.J. and a few other things like work with our old friend Steve Stebbins at the "Americana Country Music Agency" for the last 13 years of his life and with Eddie the last thirteen of his, but there is one more thing we would like to do before St. Peter cashes us in, and that's, put a Billboard Star all the way down highway 40 between California and Nashville every half mile or what ever it took with the names, Eddie Dean, Roy Rogers, George Jones, Ken Maynard, Buck Jones, Merle Haggard, Cindy Walker, Freddie Hart, Carl Smith, Will Rogers, Doug Kershaw, Willie, Waylon and the boys, Don Hinson, Ancel Cook and we could go on forever but you know who we mean and what they stand or stood for.

If there any of you good ol' Country boys or girls out there that will run for President and fund something good like this for America, then remember you have a lot of friends here in California that will help you with your campaign, here is what we could put on "YOUR" billboard:


Here is a good example of what we have been talking about, date line Nashville, March the 19th. 1999 "Road kill bill dodges jokes, passes House" (how much money do you think all of this cost ?) what this bill does is, make it legal to consume wild animals accidentally killed by vehicles on the highways. Now here we are almost into the year of two thousand, animals have been killed on the highways from the beginning of time and Cindy Walker and I have been eating them, holy mole-e, little did we know we could have been jailed for eating road kill skunk soup.

And listen to this one, lawmakers express fear that hunters may take advantage and go hunting with their car, now picture this in your mind, some goober in a V.W. doing sixty miles an hour down a mountain trying to run over a moose, then he gets home with it and his wife says, Hey Goober! what's that yellow paint doin' on this moose's hind-end ?.

Why, after nineteen hundred and ninety nine years and little kids starving all over America, do we have to spend two million or more dollars on some stupid issue like this ??

Here is another good one for you and let your mind tell you how much "this" survey cost, better yet, ask your self, "who cares"  > date line  Atlanta, GA : Tennessee ranks ninth in the nation, tied with Mississippi, in the percentage of residents age 65 and older who have lost all their teeth, the survey also went on to say that more people have more teeth out west, places like Arizona, California, Hawaii etc. Which only goes to prove that food last longer in the South than it does in the West, in Mississippi you gotta' gum that moose 'till way after dark and in the West you can gobble him right up, that's why California is the Bank Robbin' Capitol of the world or at least America, people out here have got more time for that sort of stuff cause they got more chompers, so if you live in Tennessee and work in a bank and some slick dude comes in and smiles with a full set of teeth, you might as well just hand over your money because he's from California, is done with dinner and there to rob ye.     

Finally a good idea > date line Nashville, TN: They are naming the rest stops on Interstate 40 between Nashville and Memphis after "Stars"   like Chet Atkins, Patsy Cline, Tina Turner, Isaac Hayes and as time goes on, I would imagine others. They did not say if they would have memorabilia of the stars in the rest stops or not, but that seems like a good idea, especially if they can find a way to nail it down so someone does not steal it.

Tennessee is full of good stuff this week, a little town down there called Nolensville has bought um a cop car, now they need a cop, usually a town gets them self a cop and then goes looking for a car but in this case, car first. In the little town we were from the sheriff rode a horse, later on after he developed hemorrhoids we had to scrounge him up a wagon and a couple of cushions, we didn't have many crooks in town, fact is, I can't remember any, he finally quit when the creek came up quick one day and him and the wagon got washed into the next county, the old sheriff was a local guy and a pal to everyone, in fact as he was floating down the creek that day, Ezra Hayes was out feeding his ducks and watched him drift by and I think that's where the song was first wrote when Ezar started screamin' at him, "Pal-adin, Pal-adin, where do you roam".

Most people think the numbers 911 for emergency is something invented by law enforcement in the past twenty years or so, that ain't so, back in the good old days, a long and two shorts on the crank phone would do the same thing, when that phone would ring, weather it was your ring or not, everyone on that line would pick it up, put their hand over the mouth piece and pick up the receiver and if you told one person your barn was on fire, the whole county would be there pronto, good part about country folks is, they would also be there to help you rebuild it.

Really good to hear that George Jones has been released from the hospital, we think there are about a hundred million people out there that don't want to, "Stop Lovin' You Today" > Now check your local listing for this one, but I think Freddie Hart is scheduled to be on George's show, April the 13th. that's a Tuesday so keep a look out for good ol "Easy Lovin" Freddie Hart.

Great Radio Station in Sweden CMR 105 where Hank Svensson does just an outstanding job with American Classic Country, this week on his charts brand new from Miss Liz Anderson is "Cowboys Are The Girl's Best Friend" coming in at number 11 and for the 15th straight week on the charts is our Texas friend Mr. Claude Gray at number 4 and "If I Ever Need A Lady".

Smokey Silver has got a great station up and running up around Modesto and playing Classic Country, if you have lived out here then you know that, that is great country music country and Smokey is certainly no new comer, let me give you the address so you can send him some stuff, it is, Smokey Silver - KEJC Radio, P.O.Box 1226 - Manteca, California 95336, he really would like some station promos and will send you some copy if you will drop him a line, he says the truckers headin' down the road are starting to pick up the station and pass the word that a good Country Station is back in town.

Well gang, after this past couple of months we needed to find some humor in life, Cindy Walker is such a fine lady that we know she will be happy to hear the law is now in our favor on the road kill issue, it would be nice if you would check your local record store for one of her C.D's, and you might be surprised at how many of the great country songs over the years that have been among your favorites that she wrote.

While you are in there (the record store) check under "S" for Cal Smith's Classic new CD, if you can't find it, we have it in our catalog. And thanks to all that took the time to remember Cal and Darlene's son after his accident, they send a special thanks to all of you.

That's gonna do it, we'll see you next time, but just in case we don't, Take care of yourself

Don Bradley

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