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Date News Posted: April 5, 2001

Well since it's a moldy lookin' day out there I think I'll cheer myself up with a couple stories and some words of Wisdom before we get started talking about some great, super, outstanding old records we found.

A man gets up one morning, looks out his rear window and sees a gorilla up his tree, he picks up the phone book and looks up "Gorilla removal service" dials the number the guy says yep I can do it, it'll cost you fifty five bucks and I'll be over in ten minutes>>>ten minutes later the guy pulls up in a pick up truck, in the back he had a dog, a shot gun and a pair of handcuffs, he said, I am going to need your help and this is how it's going to work>>>I'll climb the tree and shake down the gorilla, LaMar my dog will run over and bite him on the privates, when the gorilla reaches down to cover you hand cuff him and I'll haul him away>>that's fine said the customer, but what's the shot gun for?>>>The man said, well, in the unlikely event the gorilla shakes me out'a that tree, you shoot LaMar.

A man living in California goes to the doctor one morning and says, doc, my sex life has just gone to heck, nothing seems to be working, is there anything you can do? The doc said, hop up on the table and let's check you out>>The old doc checked him out from one end to the other and said, you seem to be in fine health but you need more exercise, this is what I want you to do, walk two miles every day and call me in four weeks, the guy said o.k. and left >> Four weeks later the guy calls the doc, the doc says hey, I was hoping you would call, how's your sex life, the guy said, I don't know, I'm in Amarillo.

If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

If you lend someone twenty bucks and never see him again, it was probably worth it.

And we were just thinking,  timing has an awful lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

Guess you saw the little article in "People" about Robert Mitchum, never met him in person but we did talk with him on the phone a couple times, the reason was, we wanted to re-release his old masters, he said, "help yourself if you know where they are". Most folks probably don't care or maybe just never thought about it because they thought more of Mitchum as an actor then as a singer and I reckon he was but he did have an album or two that stayed in the music charts for forty some weeks if we remember right and a couple of singles along the way that did really good, "Ballad of Thunder Road" and "That Little Old Wine Drinker-Me."            

Like we said, we didn't know Bob but his brother John and I have been friends for many years, which by the way, John has been pretty sick lately and was in the hospital for a while. John was in a bunch of movies not only with his brother but some with Clint Eastwood and a whole bunch of TV shows, anyway through the years if you read the papers then you know that old Bob never took no bull from nobody, and drank what he dang well pleased and according to the little article, he had vodka for breakfast: I really don't know or care what John has for breakfast, I'd still love him if he drank panther pee, what I am trying to get at is this:

One day old John was sittin' a little bar up in the Sonora hills having a few cold ones and telling stories to the bar-keep, the younger guy at the end of the bar was smartin' off about something and John was ignoring him after a few more drinks the guy told John you're not only not Mitchum's Brother and a few other choice words, but the rest didn't matter >> the bar-keep had neglected to tell the big mouth that John used to be a boxer and a dang good one, it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway because by that time it was to late, the guy got up at the same time John did, John hit him once and went back to his drink, the guy hit the deck. Later we ask John what happen to the guy and where he went, John said, "Well>>>>>>>>>>>I don't know"

Old albums to me are like gold in the dust, reading them covers and playing that good old stuff is like eatin' chocolate naked in a bubble- bath, something yum-e for the tummy and your heart and soul, and this past couple of weeks we found some real gold, one, an almost new copy of a Bradley Kincaid album on the McMonigle Music label, this sucker has got a great story on the back and tells a lot about Bradley, things like he recorded his first record in 1928 and from 28 to 1950, he sold 20,000,000 records. He appeared on every 50,000 watt radio station owned or affiliated with NBC.

Bradley Kincaid appeared regularly on WLS and WSM's Grand Ole Opry and while at WLS he received more than 100,000 letters a year for four years and in a four week period while appearing over WLW in Cincinnati, 50,000 people wrote him.

Many of the songs that Bradley recorded he wrote,now I hate it when this happens but they listed the songs on this album (well of course) but they didn't list the writers (these could all be written by Bradley I don't know) "BUT" listen to some of these titles as opposed to the screaming stuff you are hearing today (and we ain't sayin' this is his "A" stuff") but, "Gooseberry Pie", "I Love My Rooster" (that sounds like a good one) "The Fatal Derby Day" and some others (twelve in all) and many of these great old albums were not complete unless they featured at least one gospel number on it as this one does "Life's Railway To Heaven".

Bradley Kincaid was more of a mountain man, he loved the mountains, he loved the people that lived there he loved to write and sing about them as Jimmie Rodgers loved to write and sing about them trains.

Music in the Bradley and Jimmie days was not noise to fill the air, it was not something that you would rip out your back seat for so you could put in bigger speakers then your neighbor had in his car and sit people's alarm off every time you boom-boom-boomed up the street playing  rap. Nope, people saved for a new battery for that big old Crosley or Atwater-Kent radio so they could hear them special shows like Ma Perkins or the Grand Ole Opry or Lum and Abner (if you weren't to tired) Batteries were not free and somebody went with out something so you could get one.

When Bradley or Jimmie was heard on the radio or folks saved to buy one of their records they would listen and hang on to every word, over and over again, those that just couldn't afford to buy a record according to our old friend Henry Young would stand on the sidewalk in front of an appliance store where they sold records and the proprietor would have a little speaker out front most times where you could hear the latest. Henry said "people found hope, a reason to go on and God in the music of the likes of Jimmie Rodgers and Bradley Kincaid".

And no, we don't think we need to go back to those days a hundred years ago to where them fat old records weighed a pound, the old radio weighed sixty pounds and the antenna strung up in the walnut tree was a welcome site for lighting and right in the middle of "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition" the battery pooped out. But we do think we all should respect those days a little more and give our fellow man a helping hand other then trying to get a bead on him.

I wish Bobby Helms was still here, we would have called him today while we were looking through  a box of old records we found a pert near new Bobby Helms "Jingle Bell Rock" album and you know, that bugger sounds just as good with the sun shining' as it does with six inches of snow on the ground.

If you remember we asked you a while back if you found any old records or pictures of Glen Sherley we would like to have a copy for his son Keith who is trying to piece together the life of his father, and since we have done a couple of stories in the past on Glen we will shorten this one just as a reminder who Glen was.

First, he was an outstanding song writer and sang the fire out of a country song especially those he wrote (in fact, all we ever heard him sing were those he wrote) The roads we sometimes choose does not always get us to the place we would like to be and Glen in his younger days, took the wrong road.

Glen (so the story goes) was a graduate of Chino, Solidad, San Quentin and Folsom not bad, but not the kind of education that Glen would have preferred but my old pappy always said "Everything for a reason" I'm not sure we believe that but I did when he said it and in this case it may be a little bit true.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of would be writers over the years have more then likely tried to get a song to Johnny Cash, some of them no doubt would have been monsters hits but if J.C were to listen to everything folks have sent him over the years I'm feared June Carter would have missed many hugs and kisses and J.C. wouldn't have had much potty time if'n you know what I mean.

"BUT" with a little help from some friends and a preacher I think it was, one of Glen's prison song tapes reached the desk of Johnny Cash, but Glen had no way in the world of knowing that>> until Johnny Cash did a show at Folsom Prison,   Glen was just another one of the prisoners sitting out there on an old hard bench like every one else to hear the "Man In Black" Mr. Johnny Cash.

Johnny walked out and said "Glen Sherley, here is your song" and sang "Greystone Chapel" the story goes, Glen grabbed his throat, it's a wonder he didn't die from a heart attack, but he didn't. With the help of Johnny Cash, a while later Glen was paroled in J.C.'s supervision and a contract with the then new label "Mega Records"

For Glen things went from great to good to pretty good to not so good to bad and then the end. No one in this world knows the feelings of another man, what's going on inside is in no-way a reflection of the smile he may be casting on the outside, so some where up around Bakersfield when Glen thought the time was right and he had had enough, Glen decided the show was over and the final curtain fell.

His music and song will last as long as there is still something left to play it on and if you can find a copy of his album cut live in Folsom Prison, appropriately titled "Glen Sherley" with the front of a prison on the front cover and just a shadow of Glen along side, buy it and play it and if someone that knows what they are hearing when they do hear it, then put this album on a CD and press a few thousand copies so others can hear it.

One more thing, another one of Glen's songs found it's way to Eddy Arnold via Larry Lee and Jim Malloy, it was, or is called, "Portrait Of My Woman" Eddy not only liked it and recorded it, but it became the title for his next album. Don't remember hearing Eddy's version of the song, and really don't need to, Glen put all the heart that could be put into it himself.

So what ever you find on Glen and care to share it with his son, he would sure thank ye.

Found a great old stoneware whiskey jug the other day, looks to be about five gallons big, it's painted up with a menu on it from "Floyd's Cafe" looks to be the dinner menu unless you know of a way to cook Possum for breakfast>>this old menu makes you pure hungry just lookin' at it. ++ Squirrel  $3.50 ++ Frog Legs $2.95 ++Rabbit  $3.50  ++Stew $2.50  ++and the Possum dinner is $2.95, We reckon it first sat on the back counter at Floyd's, where ever "Floyd's" wuzz.

Right about now it's 4 in the morning, good quiet time to think and write, won't be long 'till the world will start to come alive out there, a bird will wake up, the fish in the pond will be checking out the grassy edges by the water fall for a fresh worm for breakfast and the truckers that spent the night in the highway motel will be all coffeed up and cranking up their big rig headed home or farther on down the line, great time of day to be alive.

Thought we might have the Western videos here by now that we were telling you about a couple three weeks ago but they are not here yet, just the couple we mentioned before, two movies with Monte Hale and two with John Wayne, you know it is unreal, at least to me what they can do with some of that old scratchy film and tape, I swear some of it looks better now then the day it was shot, the pop and hiss and white noise is all but gone, the tape don't flicker and for the most part the music is nice and clean, guess that's not to say much given the fact we done been to the moon and back, course I would rather watch an Eddie Dean movie then go to the moon anyway, fact is, I ain't even gonna fly to Dallas, air is for birds.

Liz and Casey Anderson have just released their brand new CD and it's a good one, mostly western tales and stories, a good CD to kick back on the sofa, shut your eyes and take a trip back through the old west>>Liz and Casey as you know are both great song writers not just  songs of the west but my kind of country like "The Fugitive" wonder who shot that one to the top?

We mentioned last time that Freddie Hart had signed a three year deal with Music Mill Entertainment and they should just about have the finishing touches put on two of Freddie's CD's about now. Rick Fowler who heads up sales and makes the coffee down there said when he called some of his old customers to tell them about the new releases on Freddie they say "Well, it's about time" and it sure is.

Tell you what we'll do, every body that buys a Freddie Hart CD from Music Mill Entertainment and Rick Fowler sends us your name and address we will have Freddie personally sign an 8X10 picture for you and we'll pay the postage and the whole caboodle and send it back to ye. Since they are not quite finished yet, or maybe they are by now, anyway the price will be right what ever it is so call um and buy one, buy one for your folks and grandma.

Here is Music Mills phone number and address, the phone is 615-254-5925 and the address is 809 18th. Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203 and the man is Rick Fowler.

And>>if you like Bluegrass they (M.M.) have just released a CD of some great old stuff on Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys, the CD is called "The King Of Bluegrass" with things like John Henry, Brakeman's Blues, Worried Man's Blues, Pike County Breakdown and six more for a total of ten get up and go rompin' stompin' bluegrass hits from them good old days.

Jimmy Martin is the best "Pinto Bean" and "Corn Bread" cooker in the world, and how do I know that to be true ? 'cause Jimmy told me so and who would lie about a thing like that? not Jimmy.

A young man by the name of Bobby Atkins from up North Carolina way has a new CD, pretty big one in fact with twenty seven songs on it, and on this fat CD is a lot of things well done> Freddie was impressed with the way "Easy Lovin'" was done and when it comes to his music, Freddie don't mess around, the CD contains J.C's "Ring Of Fire" Webb Pierce's "Slowly" and the list goes on and on but every single one of them is worth your time.

Here is how to reach Bobby Atkins and his music, you can call 336-427-0813 or use his web site at   we are sure he would like to hear from you one way or the other.

Rick Tucker dropped by the other night, said he couldn't stay, just wanted to drop me off a tape and a CD, said he had to take his wife to dinner, I said well just let me show you two minutes of this Red Steagall video we got from Stan Hitchcock, he said well make it quick she's hungry, two hours later Rick left, he may be dead now, we ain't heard.

We won't go into all the people that are on some of the other videos from Hitchcock because we did that last time and for a toll free phone call you can get your own list, here's the number 888-907-1009, now call um dag-gone it. it is a great evening with the kind of country stuff you like or you sure has cat hair wouldn't be reading what I have been writing about all this time, Red's tape alone is worth sitting down with your kids or grand kids for a great lesson in how the old west used to be and the other tapes have some of the finest country music and our kind of artist on them you  ever did hear.

The good part is these videos will take you back to when life and country music was good, the sad part is radio ain't caught up yet, on my first birthday Dad got me a Stan Hitchcock album, I am now ninety six and still have it.

Date, July the 30th. 1960+artist "Lefty Frizzell"+place The Tennessee House, Santa Barbara, California + date of employment August the 10th. 1960 + hours of employment 9:00PM to 1:AM + price agreed upon $150.00

The above are the words and numbers from the "Americana Corporation"   owned by Steve Stebbins (in the beginning Americana was owned by Steve, Cliffie Stone and Tennessee Ernie Ford) contract and musicians local 47 out of Los Angeles>

We have wondered if Lefty lived in the wrong day and time or if maybe his timing was right, though he didn't make much in 1960, with his kind of music in 2001 he might not have been making anything.

An old flyer that Homer Garrett and his Hollywood Square Dancers put together some where back there in the 50's shows that Homer and his gang played every place but the local Andy Gump out houses, some of those young folks that were apart of Homer's group must still be alive and kickin'. so if you are, others may wonder what ever happen to you so holler.

Cindy Walker don't advertise that she loves good fresh road kill but she does since she can't cook and if no one is there to cook for her she just heats up some ice cream, now don't that make you wonder about God sitting up there on the day we were born and say to the person in charge of setting our life to what we will become, O.K. ah-oh, it's a girl, let's make sure she can't cook a lick and and give her a crayon and paper======whoa God, did you see what she wrote on that paper, "Blue Canadian Rockies" yea but I bet she couldn't write nothin' for Bob Wills, who's he God, ah, he's that heavy set dude I have been trying to make quit smokin' them fat cigars, lives in a place called Texas, do they have a lot of green grass down there God, nah but they got some bushes. Say God, do you think she'll ever have any friends in California, yea, one, that cooks good road kill.

"I Wore A Tie Today Jim" I pictured that Cindy Walker song in my head, six old friends standing around Jim's grave stark naked, nothing on but a tie, no wonder Jim died.

We guess some of you by now have got the word, Cal Smith will be running for president come next election time, his wife Darlene has been after him to paint the house for so long Cal just decided to run for president and move to a house that is already painted, it will be requested of all staff members to meet on the white house lawn every morning with or without clothes to sing over national radio, "Hello Country Bumpkin" with the stock market going up and down like a yo-yo somebody better dang well pay the fiddler. Don Hinson has insisted that he get Janet Reno's job, he has agreed to get plastic work done on his face to increase his looks accordingly, Cal don't want no ugly people in his white house, and Hinson can't order no tanks to remove church people from their house if he's worried about his head being ugly.

Well that's all the news for tonight and this morning, if we gave you more news tonight then you can handle, save some of it for next week.

We'll see ye next time but, just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley  


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