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Date News Posted: April 6, 1999

It's been a slow week for mail, that'll give us a chance to go back through the pages of time and see what Chet Atkins and the gang was doing 40 years ago.

However, we did get three letters from the Neptune Society and we always got a kick out of being put to rest that way, somehow a picture always comes up in my mind that after being buried at sea, grandma would be skinny dippin' at Malibu and look out and here I came floatin' back in again, wonder if that happens, they take you out the second time for free, wonder if they tie a bag of bar-b-que sauce to your toes to make you more tasty for the fish, wonder which part of you the fish eat first, wonder if you can save even more money when you get sick, just take a fishing cruise for a half day and jump in, it would be my luck some other fisherman would catch me and I would have hook prints on my seat.

Well anyway, we saw in a flyer we received a couple good old boys down Texas way wrote um a little song called "Bury Me Under The Wal-Mart Parking Lot, So My Wife Will Visit Me Every Day" so we thought (since it was a slow mail week) that we would put it down on paper and maybe Cindy Walker would record it for us, now I know it ain't no, "Blue Canadian Rockies" but you gotta start some place.

Dear Sir, the letter read

we realize that you ain't dead

But as the cost of dyin' grows

you need to check with one who knows

Our service it requires no land

or a friendly pallbearer's gentle hand

You'll need no suit on when you go

or a casket lined with tuck and roll

Why, look at the money you will save

when the hired hands don't dig no grave

And think of the miles and all the gas

your friends won't use when you have past

We'll pick you up, that's what we do

and three miles out, recycle you

The fish will surely have a ball

eatin' your toes, legs and all

We'e simply folk, not high and mighty

Signed, your friendly Neptune Society

Since Don Hinson is my musical agent just send him the checks, and Ancel Cook that just finished another Polaroid commercial will handle the publicity and will also handle the part of the fish in the commercials, you can write him for pictures, just don't let him trick you, we took a picture of him and Burt Reynolds four years ago, and when he ain't workin', he's sellin' them or trying to impress people that he knows Burt.

Speaking of Ancel Cook, he is now working on a movie to be shown on the internet, looks like it is only a matter of time that computers will do it all, looks like maybe they already do.

Before we forget, The Eddie Dean CBS News Special we have mentioned several times before will be shown on TNN, April the 21st. I think the shows, and there were suppose to be 13 of them, are called "A Century Of Country Music", the first one ran this past Wednesday and CBS used as much stuff as they could from our old friend Henry Young who knows more than a little bit about Jimmie Rodgers, they didn't put Henry in the show but at least they gave him credit for his contribution.

We don't know what CBS has planed for this series after it has had it's run on TV, but if the first one is any indication, we think it would be a good idea to package the set and market them to the public, not only is it a look back into the past of Country Music and the Cowboy, but a great piece of history that is rapidly being forgotten, the only sad part about it is, it would have been nice if it could have been done a couple of years earlier when Gene and Roy were still here to add their views, but we are thankful that Eddie hung on long enough to be apart of this piece of musical history.

Wouldn't you have thought that the producer of this series, the good lookin' hard workin' easy goin' smooth talkin', Paul Ryan that did such an outstanding job of producing this super series, would have sent a person that he had met while in California a nice jacket with CBS in great big letters on the back, shucks, every time that person would wear that jacket, he would be promoting CBS.

Looks like George Jones made it home from  the hospital, that's good news, Miss Nancy is promoting her book, if she would have sent us one we could have done a little readin' and writin' about it.

Last we heard, Johnny Paycheck is home and coming along, we were just going through some old albums yesterday and ran across "Georgia In A Jug" if that ain't a honky tonk juke box record they never made one.

We sure hope Johnny Cash is doing o.k. sometimes when we see him on different shows he looks pretty good, sometimes he don't, we saw a little article that he was getting some rest out there in one of the islands where he has a little place, The world of Country Music can not afford to lose any Johnny Cash's or Paychecks or Waylons.

Hank Locklin will be releasing a brand new CD around about May, you don't even need to know if it will be good or not, if Hank Locklin sang a song backwards it would be good, man Country radio is missing so much by not playing these great artist records, anyway, we will have a story on Hank coming up pretty soon, he did say the other day when we spoke with him that he had moved from Florida to Alabama and was really liken it.

Good CD from a Texan by the name of Joe Paul Nichols, this is Joe's 16th album, and it is "Country" there are a couple on this album that are real good and one of them is "Jesus Is The Same In California", it is just a good song all the way around and would have made a good title for this album, Cindy Walker will like the way Joe Paul does her song of "Cherokee Maiden", also Joe Paul does some more of the classics on this album that we think you will like, like the Bobby Helms classic of "Fraulein" the Jimmy Davis song of "Nobody's Darling But Mine" and the Ernest Tubb hit of "There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas."

If you are one of the Country stations still around that plays real Country music, we are sure Joe Paul Nichols would be happy to send you a copy if you write him or fax him on your station letter head,  here is the address > Joe Paul Nichols, Rt. 1 Box 224A, Jacksborro, Texas 76458, his fax number is 940-567-3008 >>>or if you would like to buy one you can write or phone him at the same numbers.

Since we started this News Page, we heard from New York and they said the Singing Cowboy part of the series would be tomorrow night Wed, April the 7th on TNN, eight o:clock eastern which is five o:clock on the west coast, SO, the way it stands right I don't know when the Eddie Dean portion of the show will be on, New York says the 7th. TNN says the 21st, anyway this we do know for sure, it is on at the above times every Wednesday, that's 8 eastern, 5 western time until they run the whole 13 weeks of it, of course unless it changes again. Just try not to miss Eddie and if worse comes to worse we can always get a copy of the show.

No changes as of yet, Freddie Hart on the George Jones Show, TNN April the 13th. that's a Tuesday, check your local cable system for the right time, Freddie and Claude Gray have got a couple of shows lined up somewhere down in Texas I think it is, haven't had a chance yet to ask Freddie just where but we will if you want to go and also we have a few of Freddie's cassette albums left with "Easy Loving" on it everything on the album is just plain ol' good Freddie Hart material sung only like Freddie can sing them especially if he wrote um, nobody sings or writes with the emotion of Freddie Hart, the tapes are 12.95 and we'll pay the postage, if you want a picture make it 13.95, we are NOT selling his pictures, but it takes more postage to mail that bugger.

In 1963 the number 34 top Country Single for that year was by Porter Wagoner, the title of that song was a killer, it was called "I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand".

Number 44 for the same year was Hank Snow and "The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe" and got away.

Number 48 was the one and only Stonewall Jackson and "Can't Hang Up The Phone", Stonewall also had the number 45 song  with "Old Showboat" gotta admit, we don't remember hearing that one, better dig out his old albums and take a look and a listen if we can find it.

Number 19 was Bobby Bare with his big hit of "Detroit City" and probably one of his biggest hits next to "500 Miles Away From Home"

The number 40 spot belong to one of the smoothest singers ever to sing a song, Mr. Sonny James, the song ? "The Minute You're Gone", we never met Soony but if we can find him, we would like to do a nice story on the Southern Gentleman

And the number one Country Singer for 1963 was guess who? George Jones.

One of our favorite all time Country Songs and still is, from that great year of "63" was from the Hawk of west Virginia, Mr. Hawkshaw Hawkins and the great writing skills of Mr. Justin Tubb, the song ? Lonesome 7-7203, Justin also that year was the number ten in the favorite Country Songwriter division.

While checking out the songs and writers from the past, another writer that sure had some good songs, and far as that goes, we liked his singing, wonder what ever happened to John D. Loudermilk ?

We guess as close as we are going to get to Chet Atkins on this page is to say, that he produced a very funny album that year of 63 on Homer & Jethro, the title ? "Ooh That's Corny", I don't know if Chet produced this one or not, but it was called "Songs My Mother Never Sang" anything that Homer And Jethro ever did no matter who produced it was always fun to listen to..

Looking back over ways to cure things from the twenties and thirtys, or since the beginning of time I reckon, if they worked then, why wouldn't they work now ? Like this one, >>>A handful of pokeberry root put into a pint of sweet milk is said to be a sure cure for erysipelas,  before we could ever get cured from this we would have to find out what it was so we would know if we were cured or not, what's erysipelas ??

Then there are those ailments that may be better than the cure, this one's for Jaundice >>Take some goose dung and soak it in some white wine during a twenty four hour period, then strain the whole thing and put a little sugar in it, turn the glass up and, kill it., whoa, lord have mercy, give me life or give me death. let me die with the Jaundice, I'd have to be knockin' on St. Peter's door before I would care to drink goose dung.

Let's see you do this one, it's a cure for Lockjaw, Fill a pipe with tobacco, cover the bowl with a rag, and blow the smoke through the stem into the part affected.

We were all for the old time remedies 'till we got to the goose dung part, but then come to think of it, you know when you have to have an X-Ray and the doctor gives you a little bottle of something orange and says, "here, drink this right down, it will show up your veins in the X-Ray and let us know if the passages are clear, what do you think that stuff is ? could it be---? 

Today it is 91 in Florida 44 in California 32 below in Alaska, America, something for every body.

We'll see ye later, but just in case we don't, take care of your self

Don Bradley         

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