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Date News Posted: April 28, 1998

We were thinking last night, I bet good ole Will Rogers would have got a kick out'a Lewis Grizzard, they both seem to have got a kick out of just plain ole ordinary folks like you and me and just the regular things that goes on every day of our life. Will got a kick out of the stuff he read in the papers and we guess so did everyone else since his column appeared every day on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. We have most all the front pages of the L.A. Times and we were going to read a little bit of ole Will's "Stuff" for you, but like everything, when you want to find it you can't and when you don't want it, you trip over it, so we reckon we'll get to Will later.

But in the meantime here's a little Lewis Grizzard.

Now ain't this the truth ? I wish my grandfather had lived long enough to see folks pay $2.00 for a bottle of water. (someday when we got nothing better today, we are going to follow that water dude and see just where he does get that water)

"The Arabs are trying to buy America," one of my friends complained. "Don't worry," I said. "The Japanese won't sell it to them."

(here's one we like) A hunter friend of mine says, "If we don't kill off part of the deer population every year, they'll starve to death." Why don't they just take them some food ?

You know you're getting old when you stop buying green bananas.

If the President gets hemorrhoids and is treated by a Naval physician, does he have to be a rear admiral ?

Who was the first person to eat an oyster?

You know Lewis, we have often wondered that same thing about a lot of food, even though lord knows they are good, who was the first person to ever eat one of them ugly lobsters, and we have wondered also, if he caught the lobster or the lobster caught him ?

Good friend Don Hinson and I attended a country show a while back and the guy that opened the show for them talked for an hour about dead people and a bunch of other morbid "stuff" that could have very well have been left out of the show, especially for the opening act, but it was their show and we guess they could talk about anything they wanted, the problem was that Hinson had to follow that with some funny stuff and introduce some acts, had he have known the show was going to open that way he could have come on after the guy and said it's all a joke, they ain't really dead and just wanted to see how the audience would react if these people really did die.

Anyone that knows beans about show business knows that, you ain't supposed to die 'till after the show, so what we were thinking was, if they insist on having this guy open again next year with dead people, Hinson and I will jump up and applaud and holler out, "Hey, thanks Fred, but we ain't really dead." Not one person in that ballroom knew who he was talking about anyway.

Anyway, we have opened so many of these pages in the past year with another one of our greats going on home that we thought a little funny stuff would make us all feel better.

We'll say goodnight to Lewis Grizzard with another one of his little jokes that goes like this,>>>> I wish Queen Elizabeth would give the Cisco Kid his hat back.


In 1965 the Dee Jays voted the Rice Paddy Ranger "Dick Curless" the # 1 Most Promising male vocalist, two songs at the time did real well for Dick, "Six Times A Day" and "A Tombstone Every Mile". Although we never met, we were in Korea at the same time, Dick had a radio show on A.F.K.N. he started every show with just him and his guitar and "The Sunny Side of the Mountain". Dick kinda' spent his whole life working from the place we guess he loved best, up there in Bangor, Maine.

65 Was a great year for Sonny James with hits like "I'll Keep Holding On" "Behind The Tear" and the number 4 album on the charts with "I'll Keep On Holding On" Sonny James was probably one of the smoothest Country singers to ever hit the country charts.

It's been said that in 1965 not many of the country singers were knocked out with the Curley Putman song of "Green Green Grass Of Home", Johnny Darrell thought differently, shortly after Johnny recorded it, everybody and his brother realized they had made a mistake.

Even though "Walkin' The Floor Over You" was almost a signature song for the one and only Ernest Tubb, in August of 1965 it again hit the charts, this time not with Ernest but with George Hamilton IV.

Climbing the charts faster than a speeding bullet and on August the 14th 1965 from number 5 to number 3 was the Warner Mack hit "The Bridge Washed Out" and 33 years later, Warner Mack is still singing "The Bridge Washed Out". Warner is still one of the nicest guys in the world of Country Music.

Before Herb Jeffries was signed with Warner Western Records a few years ago, let's back up to 1947-1948 this is what Billboard Publication's "Who's Who in Music" said about Herb Jeffries>>>>"Musicians consider Herb Jeffries the greatest voice of our time". They said a lot more about him, all good of course, but the point is, we don't think anyone in the history of music or any thing else for that matter, "Ever" with a big fat "E" had such a career with one of the most famous big bands of all time, "Mr. Duke Ellington" four smash songs came, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang all at the same time on "Exclusive Records" along with movie deals, shows all over the U.S. being on the radio from coast to coast, being the founder of the "Mutual Admiration Society" and who knows what else, and then almost 50 years later signs with a Western label to sing Western songs, what we heard on Herb from the label was just outstanding, but then they just quit promoting him, and guess where that went.

Looking back, or maybe, thinking back, to the old wind up record player in Grandma's attic, my brother and I would make our way up there now and then to crank it up and put on an old scratchy 78, of course we didn't know it was scratchy since that's the way they all sounded, Now, looking through an old "Billboard" from 1947 and seeing a page of phonograph needles all packaged real neat and selling for a dollar, a dollar fifty and two dollars and fifty cents, reminds me of that old stuffed in the attic record player we wish we had today, but I think those needles cost about a dime for two million of them (well, give or take a little) those little suckers looked like a little finish nail cut in half, then later on somebody came up with the idea, that if we bend this thing, put it into a little package, and say "It produces the finest sound anywhere", we can make a lot of money, well, at least a buck. If we had of been smart enough then, to see as far as today, we would have been one rich bugger, just hangin' on to all the stuff grandma called junk and stuck in her attic, and if the kids today would keep the "Stuff" Mom and Dad take to the dump, fifty years from now they to would probably be rich. Even though the Buddy Holly song was not written about "Stuff",but as far as kids go the title would sure fit, "That'll Be The Day" when kids save anything.

Week of November the 23rd. 1946 Bob Hope starts his own record company, hard to say where he came up with the name he did for his company, "Hope Records"

Week of February the 22nd, 1947 Billy Eckstine to do some movie work for M.G.M.> regardless of what kind of music you liked, that dude could sing.

Week of September the 21st. 1946 Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys were in Hollywood for their semi-annual Columbia Records session.

Week of October the 5th. 1946 Gene Autry made two appearances at the opening night of the 21st. annual World's Championship Rodeo at Madison Square Garden.

Week of October the 12th 1946 Riverside Rancho reopened in Hollywood, Hank Penny to front the band.

Week of November the 2nd. 1946 Tex Owens, radio's original Texas Ranger was jockeying a Western-folk tune recorded program, on KLAC, Hollywood.

Week of October the 19th. 1946 Burl Ives started a new radio series over Mutual, with Philco as the backer. ( Burl Ives, another great singer missed by millions)

Week of February the 22nd. 1947 Western stars headed east, Sunset Carson hit Rhode Island w/6 weeks of 1 nighters, Eddie Dean opened 8 week tour of 1 nighters and Max Terhune rounded up the unit for the Eastern trek.

We don't want to end some of these great old memories with a negative note, But, now ain't it funny how some of them good ole Texas boys would "wup" your hiney if you talked about their great Texas music that was recorded in Hollywood ?

We can not help but to kinda' look up, if you know what we mean, and thank our good ole friend and partner for all those many years, Steve Stebbins, for leaving us boxes and boxes of just great stuff to read and look back at some of the greatest memories of the old west and Country Music, the way it was back then.

Freddie Hart just back from a Saturday night on the Grand Ole Opry and a nice little on the tube chat with that guy that wears all the dull looking clothes, Mr. Porter Wagoner.

We have only caught one of his shows on the Nashville Network, most of the time we don't have time to watch it anyway, But, the best show on there if you really like the good stuff, is the "George Jones" show, Now we were almost afraid to say that because any thing good they always find a reason to take off the air, the show we did see was with Merle Haggard and Lorie Morgan and one of the new guys, the very best part of it is, they just sit around talkin' about "Stuff" and pickin' up a guitar and just singin' from the heart, one of the best Country albums ever is with George and Merle and I don't even remember the name of it and am to tired to go look, but it has got a couple of cuts on that bugger that we have played billions of times (well, give or take a few) anyway George, "It Is a Great show"

We have got one more "LOOKING BACK" and we have a reason for this one because we just flipped the page and this picture came up.

Week of December the 14th. 1946 Elton Britt, Denver Darling and Mickey Stoner started a publishing firm in N.Y. called R.F.D. Music Publishing Co. Inc.

Now, someone told us a couple of years back that Elton Britt was buried (we think) back in PA in an unmarked grave along side a fence in a grave yard with weeds knee deep growing on it. As soon as we can we are going to check on it some more, and if this is true, what we want to know is, what could anyone possibly do to any one to deserve this? Well, we guess we just did what we were not going to do, talk about one of our artist that had passed away, but Elton Britt gave this world more than a song and we think we owe him more than a patch of weeds.

When we wrote the one page story a few weeks ago on the shooting of the children by other children in Jonesboro, Arkansas, we expected nothing, or wanted anything we just wanted to say how sorry we were that something like this could happen and to let the good folks in Jonesboro know our hearts were with them.

Since then we have received several nice letters from the folks of Jonesboro including the Mayor of the city, and it brought tears to my eyes to know that people that have lost so much, took the time to send me a letter of thanks.

We don't even know what to say, sometimes it's just best to say goodnight.

So 'Till we meet again, But just in case we don't, take care of yourself

Don Bradley

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