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Date News Posted: May 6, 2003 

Matilda Genevieve Scaduto has passed away this past week, even though the estimated number of records sold by this lady and her husband has long passed the 300 million mark, the final tally will never be exact because no doubt the music of this lady and her husband will last for life times to come and the numbers will keep on climbing.

After a marriage to a young man from Moultrie, Georgia the name Matilda was replaced by Felice or better known to the power and light company as Mr. And Mrs. Boudeleaux Bryant, that was back about 1945 or 46 and that’s the way it stayed right up ‘till 1987 when Boudleaux passed away.

Boudleaux was a classically trained violinist who’s Georgia roots snuck in and he started working for a man whose name will also live forever in the world of Country Music, Hank Penny and his Radio Cowboys.

There is one thing about the music business that probably never will change, and that’s the fact that the Bryant’s would send out their songs to all the places we all would send them and most, if not all, would be returned unopened, but finally a new comer to the business recorded one of the Bryant’s songs and the door was opened, the song “Country Boy” and the new kid? Little Jimmy Dickens.

But for all concerned in the Bryant team their relationship with the Everly Brothers opened doors that will never be closed, “Bye Bye Love” and “Wake Up Little Susie” is sure to out live every one but Dick Clark, ole Dick ain’t never gonna’ die he’ll be 39 and holding when we all are re-incarnated.

I had a dream one night, I had died went to heaven (I think) came back fifty years later hoping to see Mom and Dad, the doctor cleared my eyes, whacked me on the butt I screamed, opened my eyes, pooped and screamed again there was Dick Clark singing “Wake Up Little Susie” I looked down and this time I really screamed.

We Luv’ye “Mr.” Clark, you gave thousands of young boys and girls a place to be heard and some of them are still being heard.

We need to make another trip up to Bakersfield, visit some old friends and see what they are now up to; we need to get some more stories about the legends that put Bakersfield on the map and visit Buck Owens in his palace and maybe “Just Walk The Streets Of Bakersfield.”

 Some of those that were apart of the Bakersfield sound back in the early days are still there, some have moved on to Nashville and other parts of our world and some of them have moved away way on, clear up to “Hillbilly Heaven” but their music and what they stood for will always be apart of what Bakersfield will always stand for.

We were reading some old promotion material the other day for some Tennessee and Oklahoma artist that was written in the 50’s or early 60’s, anyway the first person they were to call and sit up interviews with after they reached southern California was Cousin Herb Henson in Bakersfield, Why? Well, because Cousin Herb in the first place had a TV show, second, everyone in Southern California knew him, third he was just a great guy to know even if you were an orange picker instead of a guitar picker but most of all to the fans of country music in this part of the west, if Cousin Herb thought you were alright then let the show begin.

It kinda goes back to the early days when my old pappy used to say things like “Your word is your bond” or “If a handshake ain’t good enough then all the paper in the world won’t change it” meaning a contract I reckon, but it’s true, now days we have to spell out everything on paper, have an attorney read it over, change a word or two, charge you a few hundred dollars that could have gone to some better use, like your pocket, then the guy dies you made the contract with and his snotty nosed kids sue you for all you’ve got and all because you were just trying to help someone in the first place.

When your word is your bond then there is not much paper needed for contracts, that paper could be put to much better use, like in the outhouse.

Well I know one thing, as long as I write these little stories and hear from an old friend now and then weather we ever met or not, the people and music created in Bakersfield and the valleys around it will never die.

We know Billy Mize is still up in Bakersfield, (or at least he was the last time we spoke with him) Brother Buddy Mize moved down to the Nashville area and keeps in close touch with good friend Charley Aldridge, Trucker singer Red Simpson is still in Bakersfield, and of course Buck Owens is doing great with his place up there and Carolina Cotton’s daughter writes us now and then from the big “B” and there are many others still around, we just gotta’ go find um.
Which brings me to one other thing; if I knew how to underline words with this computer then I would triple under line the word “really” in this next statement. I “Really” miss talking with old friend Bill Woods”, he was just such a good guy to talk about what we both loved most Country Music, even though he forgot more then I will ever know about the subject, it always made me feel good when he would call and ask me about someone and I always knew he was a friend on the other end of the line to help me find what ever I needed to know about anyone that ever passed through the streets of Bakersfield with a guitar in hand.

Got a letter and some flyers this week from Wichita’s Johnny Western, you know, “Paladin, Paladin, Where Do You Roam. Funny how a person can do so many great things and is best remembered for just one thing, but then that brings me to an old Hank Thompson song called “It’s Better To Have Loved A Little, Then Never To Have Loved At all”.

Johnny Western has carried on the tradition of country music and western music for more years then he is young, he has done shows all over this world and his bio is nothing short of a book and I figure he’ll be hangin’ it up soon, say about the year 2080.

He has been KFDI’s good will ambassador of country music out of Wichita for many years.

Now guess where he is going in a few days, May the 30th. To be exact and chances are the show is already sold out, try it anyway, CARNEGIE HALL show time 8:00 PM in Stern Hall Johnny will be there along with some other names chances are you also know like Roy Rogers Jr.*Sons Of The San Joaquin*Prairie Rose Wranglers*poet,Waddie Mitchell*Barry Ward*Idaho’s Joni Harms*&poet Mickey Dawes.

From Scottsdale, Arizona this past March the 15th. 2003 At the “COWBOY SPIRIT AWARD” show the winners wereeeeeeeee!! Johnny Western, Marty Robbins and a man we had the pleasure of meeting at the John Mitchum tribute memorial, Mr. Ernest Borgnine, a great actor.

The above award over the past few years has been presented to the likes of Dale Evans and Patsy Montana, Rusty Richards, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Ben Johnson & Harry Carey Jr., Denver Pyle & Herb Drinkwater, Rex Allen & Christina Paine, Herb Jeffries & Matt Braun, Jane Russell & Lynn Anderson, Bruce Boxleitner & Michael Martin Murphey, Clint Walker & Dennis Weaver.

Not a bad line up of “Stars” to be associated with to say nothing of being inducted into the Disk Jockey Hall Of Fame in the year 2000 and the Western Music Hall Of Fame in the year 2001.

Johnny Western, a great person to call “friend.”.

We mentioned last news about the new Warner Mack CD from “Cowboy Capital” records, this week we got both a call and a letter from Warner, at the end of this we will give you the record label’s address so if you want to buy one of Warner’s albums or one of the other artist on the label you’ll have a place to send to. Also if you are a Classic Country radio station and send them a request on your station letterhead we are sure they would be happy to send you a station copy for airplay.

Even being a Country music fan of Warner’s there may be some things you didn’t know or maybe just don’t remember since in some areas it is hard to find a good “Classic” station.

One thing is, Warner had 15 top ten records for MCA records, a few of them include “The Bridge Washed Out” “Talkin To The Walls” “Sittin’ On A Rock, Cryin’ In A Creek” (how’s that for a title?) “Sittin’ In An All Night Café” and “She Helped Me Make It Through The Hard Times” most of these million sellers and then of course there is the one that was a real knock down smash, “Is It Wrong” which sold two million plus records and still counting.

On the “National Charts” eleven records and fourteen albums and again, still counting

So far a total of twenty plus million recordings have been sold.

Warner’s “Is It Wrong” was written when he was 13, which got him his Decca Records contract, a number one song for Warner and a top ten song for Sonny James.

“Is It Wrong” stayed in the top 30 charts for 36 weeks.

As of a while ago some 50 major artist have recorded Warner’s songs including Gene Watson, Ricky Van Shelton, Little Texas, Ferlin Husky, Don Gibson, Sonny James, Webb Pierce, Loretta Lynn, Lynn Anderson, Connie Smith, Del Reeves and Bill Anderson, and a bunch more.

No matter how good a singer or writer you are it has got to be a great feeling to turn on the radio a few years later and hear the likes of Gene Watson or any of the above sing one of your songs, they are all “Hall Of Famer’s” to me.

Carroll Parham has done an outstanding job of putting this Warner Mack collection together it is called “King Of Country Blues” and here is the address: Cowboy Capital Records---4493 U.S. Highway 67---Stephenville, Texas 76401 or you can send them a fax at 254-965-6132 for more information (or) you can email them that gives you a few choices or you can always write us.

Also last time we mentioned another of our “Classic” artist that you probably had not heard from in a while James O’Gwynn, his latest album can also be had from Cowboy Capital and the address is about four lines above this.

Another Cowboy Capital CD is from the man himself Carroll Parham, now this is an “Instrumental” album in the first degree pure country and pure “Texas” they all have Texas in the title and if I just gave you the first word you could probably guess the rest of the title but here’s a few “T For Texas, Waltz Across Texas”, “Texas Panhandle Rag”, “Yellow Rose Of Texas” “Beautiful Texas”, “Texas Playboy Rag”, “Miles And Miles Of Texas”, “The Eyes Of Texas” “ and well, you get the idea twelve great songs to honor our Lone Star State.

If you are already in Texas you can stop into the Ernest Tubb Record shop and pick up a copy first hand, 140 East Exchange- -Ft.Worth, Texas 76101.

Remember back when, DJ’s would most times open their show with an instrumental and end it the same way so if you were listing and waiting for your favorite show and heard his them song you would know he was either comin’ or goin’, and if you went back even farther then that the show was most times ended with a great old Gospel number, anyway, this would be a great album if you had a radio show to do it again.

Read a good mystery lately??? You go to the book store, buy a good mystery kick back under the covers and read away, you probably never gave it a thought or wonder if that writer of that book you hold in your hands likes country music, actually there would be no reason you would even think about something like that since I am sure Ted Bundy or Merle Haggard and Allen Jackson have nothing in common at least I would like to believe that, but then again, maybe they do if you are a country artist and like to read mystery’s written by the lady of mystery Ms. Ann Rule.

Ann Rule probably knows more about Ted Bundy and many other killers then anyone because she makes her living writing about killers and what makes them tick, that’s why she is one of the top authors in America today BUT she is also a lover of “Classic Country Music” born in Michigan and now writes out of her Washington (state) home, we had sent her a couple CDs (country of course) and need to send her up a few more.

Ms. Rule has traveled America to be at the trials of famous no-gooders so she can write her books with first hand knowledge, she has been on Court TV to explain the goings on of the killers she has written about and is a very interesting lady.

A copy of all her books that we know about has been in this house at one time or another and when I mentioned to her one time about me writing a book about country music she said well, just get started and if you write one page a day pretty soon you will have it finished.              

When we finish this news letter we will send her up a copy along with a Warner Mack CD so she can sit out there on her sun deck with a nice cup of coffee close her eyes and listen to our good friend Warner, I bet she will get a real kick outa the Tales Of The Old West from Charley Aldridge.

In the “I wonder what ever happened to file” We wonder what ever happened to a young singer by the name of Van Trevor?

Van, according to some 1966 publicity was born in Maine we don’t know the city but we do know he was well on his way during those 60’s years, and in those days he recorded for “Band Box” records out of Denver and was managed by the late Dick Heard.

Van had appeared on Dick Clark’s Bandstand Show, the Joey Reynolds show out of Buffalo and many more TV shows during those years, he was also getting a lot of publicity in many Country magazines and news papers around the country.

The last 45 we received from him was called “Born To Be In Love With You” b/w “It’s So Good To Be Loved” one he co/wrote with Dick Heard.

If the publicity was right on Van back then he still should be a young man of about 62.

Music Mill Entertainment has come up with a real winner in that of a young man by the name of Paul Pace.

Paul’s second album release is just hitting the record racks now but the pre release CD is just a killer song called “What My Daddy’s Fighting For” written by Jimmy Key & Tom Stewart.

This is a well done good song war or no war, there will be some one fighting for us ‘till the end of time it seems like and even though it doesn’t jab anyone to hard it gets the story told to those who thinks we just oughta’ kick back and the heck with what people like Saddam and other little dictators think or threaten us and run our own planes into American buildings.

This song could very well tell the same story about our police officers all over America who strap on a gun every morning to defend our right of being free and the night owls that come to visit you when you’re not home.

If I was the guy that gives people two thumbs up for movie revues we would give this one both thumbs, and on a scale of one to five we would give it a six.

“What My Daddy’s Fighting For” is dang sure worth buying.

We may have given you this radio station last month that wants your Country Records so if we did, send him some more.

Radio WCNL>>Art Kneeland>>95 Gendron Road>>Moosup, CT. 06354


We are re-doing a nice little list of pure country radio stations to send to folks that have a new CD or planning one or just want to know what’s real country in your neighborhood, we’ll mail it to you and foot the postage just send us your address.

Found an old news letter the other day from the pen of Biff Collie from 1965, Biff was a well known little bit of everything kind of guy back in those days, Record store Owner-DJ-Song Writer, a good place was his house for a man that needed a helping hand, and always gave good plugs in his news letters about the local artist from southern California and the Bakersfield artist.

In both the July 65 and the September issues of his letters he couldn’t quit talking about Freddie Hart’s “Hank William’s Guitar” on Kapp records, we don’t know about the issues in the middle we don’t have them but he sure plugged what he liked.

Never did hear back from any family or friends about Bozo Darnell that I mentioned a while back, but sometimes I don’t for a year or so later when a family member brings it up on a search engine and then I get some more information from family or friends.

Biff talked about half the people he knew in this issue, Phil Baugh, Freddie, Johnny Western, Wynn Stewart, Eddie Miller, Tommy Wiggins, Buck Owens, Dick Curliss, Tillman Franks, Jerry Wallace, Bobby Wright, Wanda Jackson, Jerry Reed, Harlan Howard and Don Bowman and Smiley Monroe.

Anyway Biff Collie was a well-known young man in those 60s years with his show over KFOX in Long Beach and his country record shop up the road apiece.


We spent part of weekend before last up in Vegas with good friend Charley Aldridge putting the finishing touches on the “PFC Jessica Lynch” CD and getting them mailed out.

Now we were going to try to lay out for you what has happened so far but every day brings either a phone call or an email about something else that has happened so we are going to give it one more news letter to compile what we have so far received on that CD, but right now we want to thank our old friend Larry Espinosa who now resides in Okinawa for the letter and comments he made about the Jessica Lynch CD.

Larry was a southern California bandleader and picker and singer and then he went into the service and when discharged decided to make Okinawa his home where he is still a bandleader and picker and singer among other things.

We also received a nice email from Dr. Demento who has got Jessica Lynch programmed into his show to run May 17th and 18th. And we know it is a featured song on a radio station in New Jersey, by the next newsletter we will have a better run down on it.

Right now Charley is working day and night to finish the rest of the veterans album which has just got some outstanding pieces in it especially if you or a loved one is a vet.

Two news pages ago we mentioned that Charley was doing an album on poetry about the old west, and that to he is still working on, so for both, the finish is in sight.

I think both of these albums have given Charley a new spark to do what he likes to do best, “Write”.

Found an old copy of the publication “Cowboy Songs” from 1953, back then it was either cowboy or hillbilly, it took a while for hillbilly to be changed to “Country” but we got a kick out of how many songs had the word “Darling” in it, the old late night black and white picture shows were using that word a lot also, some of the Ladies back then used the word and left out the “r”, like, how about a little smooch dahling?

Reading the lyrics from an old Hank Thompson song in this 1953 song book is funnier then sitting on a pile of feathers naked, I wonder how these words would fit into some of the songs on the air today, the name of the song is “How Cold Hearted Can You Get” here are some of the lines in the song>> I remember back when I was tall hog at the trough, now my money’s gone and you have really fluffed me off, or how about these lines>>You called me everything you could from a dummy to a dope, I know that you’d be satisfied if I took strychnine and croaked.

Now one good thing about early country music was, it got right to the point, Remember bill Carlisle’s song “Too Old To Cut The Mustard” every now and then we still hear that phrase fifty years later, or how about this one “Peeping through The Knot Hole In Grandpa’s Wooden Leg” that was a real good love song, and who of us in this bunch remembers this one? “Hadacillin Boogie” (the computer started flashing red when we wrote that Hadacillin word) is that how you spell Had-A-Call, anyway that stuff cured every thing, like this song said about a guy who gave a shot of this stuff to his cow and chicken “The cow is givin’ butter and the hens lay eggs that weigh a pound.

And a couple more by the late Bill Carlisle, that tickled your funny bone was “No Help Wanted” and “Is Zat You Myrtle”.

Bill Carlisle and his family, The Maddox Brothers and Rose, Homer and Jethro, Lonzo and Oscar, Minnie Pearl, Rod Brasfield and Uncle Sipe were the kind of acts that just sent you home laughing and still talking about what they did or said up there on that stage.

We guess you could cut the numbers down anymore to one or two that even comes close to those kind of acts and the only one that really comes to mind is Ray Stevens, and old Ray has got some knock down funny stuff on record (CD) “It’s Me Again Margaret” will run you off the road if you’re driving and “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” about the squirrel that got loose in church and ran up the leg of the old boy wearing coveralls and he thought he had a weed eater in his fruit of the looms.

We all need a little funny stuff in our life now and then, I guess now more then ever considering all that’s been going on in our old world.

 If you say a prayer now and then how about adding Darlene Smith to your list (Cal’s wife) a very sweet and funny lady that just ain’t up to par these days and good friend Harlan Sanders that’s in a Kentucky hospital, you may not know who Harlan is but chances are some where down the line you have heard one of his songs.

That’s going to do it for tonight, thanks a million for all your emails, CDs, letters, and phone calls we really do appreciate it.

And we’ll see ye later but just in case we don’t, take care of yourself

Don Bradley


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