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Date News Posted: June 8, 1998

A YEAR AGO TODAY we started this news page, we have met a lot of new friends and got our news into six or eight different countries, at least that we have heard from, we have had the fun part about talking about some of our greats and the sad part about having to say the words that one of them has died. Some things in life you can do something about, dying is not one of them.

With the help though of a piece of wax, a tape recorder or now days a piece of metal called a C.D. Grandpa Jones and all the others will remain a part of our life until it's time for "US" to cash in.

Being with Eddie Dean for these past years and seeing the changes in his life sometimes it seems to effect others more than it does him, granted it does bother him that he can't do some of the things he used to do, Eddie loved to golf, but more than that he loved being with his friends and hearing about what so and so was doing since their last meeting, and granted being in front of a bunch of people was exactly what the man upstairs had in mind for Eddie Dean from the day he was born and even though sitting at home in his easy chair when he is breathing good he can sing as good as he ever could, he would never do it again on the stage because if it was not right, Eddie would never do it, and just the thought of not hitting a note he was trying to hit--well you get the point.

To me America makes but few mistakes as a whole but they did make a big one when they just let the Cowboy fade away, sure they chased each other and shot at each other but did you ever see any blood ? and the good guys wouldn't even chase you 'less you stole his cow or tried to take his land.

Well anyway, when we show up someplace and don't have Eddie with us people are quick to say, where's Eddie? why didn't you bring him ? all we can say to that is, even though his health won't let him go much anymore, just thank God he let him live to be 90 years old.

What we find as one of the amazing wonders of this world is, that of the Super Cowboys of yesteryear, and there were some great ones, that the 5 Silver Screen Cowboys left, are the Singing Cowboys-Eddie Dean, Gene Autry, Rex Allen, Roy Rogers and Monte Hale.

Eddie Dean will be 91 years old in thirty days or less, depending on when you read this, so if you were an old fan of the Cowboys and would like to send him a birthday card or a good wish on the email or a fax, our address is on our front pages and what ever you write or send, he will get it.

From Tennessee and the Tennessee News, :Helen Carter Jones, the oldest daughter of Mother Maybelle Carter and sister to June Carter Cash, has died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center after a prolonged illness. Helen Carter was 70 years old.

As a member of the Carter family, Helen appeared with Johnny Cash on his ABC television show from 1969 to 1971, as a family they also contributed to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's outstanding albums of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken".

Helen Carter Jones was laid to rest this week with family and friends in attendance in a quiet little place just outside Nashville.

I don't really know why most newspapers feel as though it is such a big thing to print a persons age in every story they write unless they have passed away and then people always wonder how old they were, and if they were young or old I reckon it wouldn't matter anymore at that point one way or the other. But to print someone's age and make them ten or fifteen years older than they really are, especially if they are in the entertainment business, is like hitting them up-side the head with a train, if it is their birthday and you really know how old they are and you are doing a nice story about them, then if it fits the story, well then do what you think is right--In a story from Nashville the other day it listed Jean Shepards age at 79, Jean ain't no more 79 than an oink-less pig and we doubt if all the other ages they listed are right either.

Jean Shepard to me has always been my favorite female country singer from Nashville or anyplace else, it's funny how publicity makes someone a great singer according to how much is written about them and a lot of them got a heck of a lot more publicity then Jean Shepard so those who wouldn't know a good country song from Sally's goat just assume they are the greatest, we could name at least two female singers that every other name at one time was their name, we never got one request for their record while we were on the air....And as far as Jean Shepard goes, to me every song was a hit ,she's still beautiful and thirty seven.

And I'm not even gonna lower myself to talk about the guy that said eliminate the regulars from the Grand Ole Opry or don't replace the regulars with one number one hit artist like Johnny Paycheck. the only thing we will say about that one is, we would be real careful introducing yourself at some of the Country Parties in Nashville or any place else.

We have got some letters, emails and some fax messages about some new stations starting or some old ones changing formats back to the "Classic Country Music". IF you will send us a FAX on your Station Letterhead, we will make sure that every way possible when one of our "Classics" releases a new album, that they know about your station and hopefully put you on their mail list to receive it, if we are promoting one of them it will be in the mail to you no later than the next day, if not we will do our best to get your message to them.

email does NOT always go through, even though your machine says it has been sent that does not always make it true, if you do not hear back from us within a couple of days, do it again, and where possible give us some kind of an alternative address to reach you.

We would say most, but many might be the right word, of those that are still out there, would be happy to make you up some station proms, if you are playing their records they really appreciate you and will do everything they can do to help, all you have to do is let us know in a way we can get back to you.

So for this first year on the web, we want to say thanks to all those that have sent us mail and request for records, tapes, pictures, CD's and anything else from our catalog, But most of all to those we have met as friends and to those that still respect good Country Music, to those that have helped us find artists we couldn't find, to those that have sent us articles and schedules of artists so we could let even more people know where they were going to be, to the artist that has taken the time to call or write, we appreciate it all more than you know.

We need to get this note in before we close the door. One, Lloyd Hickey a name that is well remembered by all the artists that he gave a job to and helped in every way he could simply because he loved Country Music and showed it by booking them into his "40 Grand Club" is not doing to great ** And second, Jack McFaden, a name well know around Bakersfield and now Nashville, for his long time association with Buck Owens and Freddie Hart and many, many others as a manager and agent, is also on the ailing list and in and out of a Nashville hospital. So if you care to send either a card or letter, please do, you know they would appreciate it.

Well, that's gonna do it for this closing year, we have many, many more great artists to write about, we have been going through the files and the boxes pulling out everything we can find on those you have asked us about, so hang in there we'll get it done.

One more time thanks for a Great year and we'll see you next time, but just in case we don't, Take Care of yourself.

Don Bradley

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