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Date News Posted: August 20, 1998

Sunday August the 16th we had an Anniversary party for The Golden Cowboy Mr. Eddie Dean and his wife Dearest, celebrating 67 years of married life is, or should be, enough to receive an award about as big as Mount Rainer.

Eddie started calling Lorene, Dearest, when they were married back in the early 30's when they first met and that is all he, and just about everyone else that knows them, have called her ever since.

A friend of ours has purchased the old "Iverson Movie Ranch" where over two thousand of the old movies were filmed including a heap of the old Lone Ranger series, Zorro,-- and the list goes on and on, and on that ranch is where we had the party for Dearest and Eddie, and thanks to many of their friends and fans the party ended up being just a great day for all that were there.

We drew up some sketches, actually I can not draw an empty cracker box but we had the idea in our head how we thought it should look and a good friend of ours that "IS" an artist drew it up for us and we gave it to the new owner Sunday, he liked it and we hope it soon will be the birth place for an "Eddie Dean,Golden Cowboy" museum, not only for Eddie but for some of the other great old cowboy and Country Music Artist that have just got lost in the trail dust.

Some time ago we received a letter from a little town in Indiana, they asked us if we had any pictures or anything else on the great old Cowboy Ken Maynard that they could have or have copies of to hang in the old Ken Maynard house that they had bought and wanted to make it a memorial for Cowboy Ken. Even though we are happy they are doing this now, thirty, forty, or maybe even fifty years later is a sad time to start from scratch honoring someone, with all the great, clean entertainment those Cowboys gave us there should have been something somewhere to honor them all. But you can not cry over spilled buttermilk and maybe by another little museum on a movie ranch we can at least do our part to remember them all.

Maybe you can help, in just about everyone's attic or barn there is something, an old picture, an old program from a show they did someplace or maybe just a good memory you would like to share about one of them. In these days of the computer and even if you don't have one and can't write to good, just scratch it out the best you can and we'll have someone type it out nice for you and put your name at the bottom.

To you, that may not seem like much and you may be thinking, who in the heck cares what I think about Ken Maynard or Hoot Gibson or any of those other old Cowboys, "They Did" and others will to if you have a great memory about any one of them and by you telling your story and someone reading it, they will want to tell their story to about a great part of America's past.

The way you feel about the old West and the Cowboy is not because you lived in the West but the life you have lived in your heart and those days you rode the silver screen with Roy, Gene and Dean and all the other Cowboys no matter if you lived in California, Montana, New York or Burma, there is a kid a boot and a saddle in all of us.

No matter what you are today, someday you to will be a memory, and sometimes the best part of our day is remembering an old friend that has already left for the twilight zone, and it's funny because for the most part all you ever remember are the good things he or she did.

Some good things going on down in Texas pretty soon, on Friday August the twenty first, just a few days from now, the Tex Ritter Museum will take on a second name to be officially know as the "TEXAS COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME" . This will be a two day event, the 21st and 22nd of this month (August 1998) in Carthage, Texas, during the weekend here are some of the things going on >>Dedication marker for the late Jim Reeves at his grave site located three miles east of Carthage on U.S. Highway 79, a pickin party at the Esquire Theater hosted by John Rex Reeves, the Ribbon Cutting for the Hall Of Fame, Social Hour, and the Award Show.

The best part of all will be when our friend Miss. Cindy Walker is inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame, along with another young man who spent much of his time some years ago in Southern California, Mr. Joe Allison and another young man that some years ago traded Nashville for the drifting sands of Texas and never looked back, Mr. Willie Nelson. Once Willie made the change, he never changed, he kept his pony tail, he kept the same six or eight shirts he had always owned, he kept the same hole in his guitar-it got a little bigger, he kept his tennis shows and shower shoes shoes that he wears to different occasions and he kept singing his songs from his heart the way he wants to sing them, not the way someone thinks he should, he has done more for the American farmer in one day then the U.S. Government has done since the days of Abraham Lincoln, and if ever the song "My Way" ever fit anyone in this world it is Willie Nelson, the only thing Willie has never done is record one of my songs so we would have enough money to buy some more paper.

I really don't know exactly what happened but word is, Tommie Ritter Smith, cousin to Tex Ritter was involved in a pretty bad traffic accident that was plenty serious and has been spending some time in a wheel chair because of it, Ms. Smith is the one in charge of putting all of this great package together.

John Ritter, Tex's son and a fine actor will be present also and we are sure many other family members and plenty of other super stars of Country Music...SO, if you got a hankerin' to rub elbows with some of the greats you ain't a' gonna see every day at the Dairy Queen, head on down to Texas this week end and be apart of Texas Country Music History, here is the address, the phone number and the fax number for prices, directions and times of the shows and presentations, it is located at 300 W. Panola**Carthage, Texas 75633, The phone number is (903) 693-6634 and the Fax number is (903) 693-8578, Best bet is if you would like to go at this late date is to give them a call.

Les Carrot Top Anderson star of Compton, California's "Town Hall Party" and "Ranch Party" is alive and well and living in Canada, Les has got a Great new cassette album out called "My Thing Is Western Swing" and on it are some *real* Classics like the "Convict & The Rose", "Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon", "My Adobe Hacienda", "Take Me Back To Tulsa" and a bunch of other good stuff that you probably haven't heard in quite a while, (12) songs on this album with a picture of the Smilin' "Carrot Top" on the cover>>>And here's how to get it, just send Ten Bucks and a couple bucks for the postage and an envelope to put it in to++Les "Carrot Top" Anderson> Site 75, Comp 29, R.R. # 1 > Keremeos, B.C. Vox 1NO Canada, or you can call if you can figure out how to send the money over the telephone (604) 499-5179.

Here is something else you might want to know about if you are a collector of vintage Guitars, "Carrot Top" has his "Les Paul" model, Gold Top Gibson Guitar, the serial number on this guitar is (S14711) from the pictures that Les sent us of this guitar, it looks like it has about another two hundred years of some good pickin' in it, a great lookin' guitar, this guitar is valued at around 25,000 but you may be able to deal a little if you drop him a card or call him and if you are interested we are sure he would send you a picture also.

Audie Murphy as everyone knows was one of the most decorated men in the world, before he would put one of his own men in a bad position to check out an enemy location or take out a tank that was headed their way he would do the job himself, he was wounded three times, maybe more, if you have ever read any stories about Audie Murphy then you know he probably would not even mention it if he did catch a bullet a few more times than was reported, he just never had a lot of time for formalities, he had a Dick Clark face, meaning he always looked young, to young to be laying with his face in the mud somewhere on a battlefield.

Anyway, Audie Murphy made it through the war with more decorations, ribbons and honors then most people have ever seen and shortly after he returned home, Hollywood called and his life as a movie star began, some say he couldn't act, as for me, I wouldn't trade one Audie Murphy movie for any fifty of what's on the screen today >> Just a few of Audie's movies include "Drums Across the River" with Walter Brennan >> "Bad Boy" with Lloyd Nolan >> "Hell Bent for Leather" with Felicia Farr >> many great Westerns and other war movies and of course his great picture of "To Hell And Back".

Not only was Audie Murphy all of the above but he also wrote some great Country Music songs, one of these days we will get a list of those >>> BUT ! the reason for this little piece about Audie is that you don't forget about him and what he did. Family and friends have organized the "AUDIE MURPHY RESEARCH FOUNDATION" they put out an outstanding little publication about Audie, about his war days, about his movie days, about what the foundation is doing to keep his memory alive, You can be apart of all of this, all you have to do is drop a card, letter or a fax to , The Audie Murphy Research Foundation > 18008 Saratoga Way, Suite 516 > Santa Clarita, Ca. 91351 > the toll free phone and fax number is (888) 314-AMRF or send an Email: You will really enjoy reading all the stories from old buddies of Audie's and from the many other people that knew him.

Well here's a couple little what's happenin's for ye: On November the 29th. 30th. and December the first of this year (98) at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino, Will Be A Western Celebrity Holiday Party and listen to this line up > Jane Russell > Jack Elam > James Drury > George Montgomery > Bob Fuller > Peter Brown > Bo Hopkins > Johnny Crawford > Harry Carey Jr. > Richard Farnsworth > Sue Ann Langdon > Morgan Woodward > Terry Moore, that's just a sample of the celebrity guest scheduled to appear and by show time there could be plenty more. "Laughlin, Nevada" is like being in the country compared to the big city down the way, it's a great place to have fun and spend apart of the late night hours watching the slow movin' waters of the mighty Colorado River drift on by. You may get your room reservations, more information, show times and names of added guests by calling this toll free number 1-800-227-3849, "Laughlin, Nevada" in the cool shadows of the California sun.

Now this next Festival is a little while away but it is worth getting your reservations and more information on now. It will be the "9th. Annual Festival Of The West" the dates will be March the 18th. through the 21st. in Scottsdale, Arizona and here's what's goin' on, a Western Merchants Show, a Western Music Jamboree, Mountain Man Rendezvous, Mounted Shooting, Arena Events, Costume Contest, Western Film Festival, Film Celebrities, a Chuck Wagon Cook Off and a stage coach full of other good stuff. The Cowboy Spirit Award Hall Of Fame includes all these great celebrities and others that have contributed so much to the spirit of the old west, > Patsy Montana > Roy Rogers & Dale Evans > Rusty Richards > Gene Autry > Ben Johnson > Harry Carey Jr. > Denver Pyle > Herb Drinkwater > Christina Paine > Buck Taylor > & Rex Allen. "SO" there are a lot of great things to see and people to meet at this festival in Scottsdale, Arizona on the dates above and you can get more information by calling (602) 996-4387 or you have plenty of time to drop them a card or letter to *Festival Of The West* P.O. Box 12966 > Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2966. This will be a great way to start your spring in 1999.

While you are in Arizona you might enjoy slipping into your schedule a day at the Rex Allen Museum in Wilcox, Rex Allen is just one of the finest ever of our American Cowboys, Rex is a man that has much love and respect for his old friends from the Silver Screen and often calls his old friend Eddie Dean just to wish him well, The good folks that operate Rex's Museum are really nice folks and will be happy to give you any information you might like about museum hours, exactly how to get there and any other good stuff you might want to know, the number is 520-384-4583.

If you have not met Herb Jeffries, or if there is a chance you may not know who he is, from time to time we have mentioned his name and done some short stories about him, we plan to do a feature story on him soon and tell you about his life with Duke Ellington, his days as a singing Cowboy, and now his days with Warner Western Records, this is truly a fine man and should be recognized as such for all of his accomplishments in the world of entertainment. After our anniversary party for Eddie and Dearest Dean this past Sunday we received many, many phone calls from folks who wanted to know more about this man that was there to pay his respects to the couple.

Also coming up real soon we will be doing a feature story on a lady that is much respected and loved by the whole world of Country Music and she, this week end, will once again be honored in the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame, Miss Cindy Walker. Although we hate to talk about it because she is not here to share it with us is a great road-kill dish called "Moose Beans", it is real hard to find a dead Moose along the highway because for the most part the Moose is bigger than your car, but if you do and you can find someone to help you get that booger in your trunk when you get him home and dressed, take a nice slab, convert it to Moose burger and mix it real slow into a big pot of almost done pinto beans, two juicy Alabama onions, and a hefty shot of fresh ground black paper, a thimble with 3/16 inch of salt and let that sucker simmer for three hours and six minutes, you got your self a dish that not only is a super belly filler but the fastest person in your home town, two bowls of Moose Beans and you'll be in Memphis before the south-bound train leaves Amarillo.

We wish we could be in Texas this week end and to be there when Cindy Walker and Willie Nelson are inducted into the Texas Hall of fame and to thank Willie again for recording Eddie and Hal Blair's song of "One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart" or even to hear it Willie's way when he changed the last part to say, "The Other Has My Billfold".

Maybe Miss Walker will send us one of the programs so we can tell you how it went.

Well, that should about do it for this time, Thank you very much to all those who sent cards, letters and other things to Eddie and Dearest, they were appreciated more than you know.

We will see you next time, But just in case we don't, Take Care of Yourself.

Don Bradley

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