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Date News Posted: November 21, 1999

LATE NIGHT OR EARLY MORNING TELEVISION has become a real kick, they sell everything from midnight to daylight from juice machines to mops that ain't really mops, I think they must pay people to come in and watch these things because every time they show you another feature to whatever they are selling the audience applauds.

Sometime in the middle of the night the other night, around two or three I think it was, they were selling a machine that was a new way to cook hot dogs (weenies).   The machine looked like it worked pretty well but I have to say, it was the first time I ever saw a weenie get a standing ovation, we have known a few entertainers over the years that didn't get near the applause as that roasted weenie.

So we guess the moral to this story is, if you have tried everything else, have dressed as nice as you could afford to dress, sang your song as good as you could sing it and still didn't move that audience, try dressing up like a weenie, that might do it.

OF COURSE there are exceptions to everything sold on late night TV.  Like last night, we don't know who is putting these things together, the only one we ever saw before was a year or so ago and they call them "Reunions" which if you saw the first one it had some of the real classic people from the Opry as did last nights new version of "Reunion" except last nights had sons and daughters of some of the Classics like Marty Robbins Jr., Hawkshaw Hawkins Jr., Jett Williams, Faron Young's son and George Jones and Tammy's daughter, it also included Charlie Louvin, Bill Anderson who was the MC, (they all just sit around in a semi-circle) which is great and talk and tell stories, Bill Carlisle, Jim Ed Brown, Roy Clark, Jan Howard and some others which we don't mean to leave out but just can't remember right now. Anyway, I think there are four tapes to this "Reunion" and what we saw was really good especially when each one had a little story to tell, Jett said that her and Hank Jr. had finally put their arms around each other and made up after their long feud, they had some Faron Young stories and just some fun stuff worth watching plus the good sittin' around, pickin' and grinnin and singing music like the "Opry" should still be doing.

Maybe the "Opry" should go back to just broadcasting on radio, that way you wouldn't be able to let all those hooters get in the way of you trying to hear a good song, and those folks in the very front row wouldn't feel as though they were being attack by the bush people. MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE "REUNION" we believe there are four tapes for around 78 bucks, and we don't have the address but we are sure they will run it more, if not we can get the address real quick if you can't find it, I think that price is pretty close, that would figure out to about $19.95 a tape and everything anymore is $19.95 plus S & H, but for once, to me they are worth it, one thing is for sure, other than on these tapes you are not going to hear or see this many of our real treasured country artists together any other way.

Well let's see, we have some REAL good NEW CD's to tell you about this trip, but first let's see if we can find a new Burma Shave sign, here's a good one. Passing Cars-- When You Can't See--May Get You--A Glimpse--Of Eternity--BURMA SHAVE

Here's one more good un' At A Quiz--Pa Ain't--No Whiz--But He Knows How--To Keep Ma His--BURMA SHAVE.

Guess they proved that old gentleman down there in Oklahoma that said he was Jesse James really wasn't, they had him DNA'd and also some of the bones from Jesse's grave and close kin folk and looks like none of them matched up, so looks like the words in the song will still hold up 'till someone can prove something different, whether he was or whether he wasn't don't seem to matter much at this point, after all these years the real Jesse James has just about  got to be ridin' trains in the sky about now, cause we ain't seen nothin' about no old folks home holding him for ransom.

In 1894 about July the 15th in Laramie, Wyoming, George Leroy Parker, better known to us country folk as Butch Cassidy, entered the Territorial prison there to start serving a two year hitch for stealing horses, he was a good guy while doin' his time and only served 18 months, but this along with what he considered a bum rap back when he was 17 for stealing a saddle and a little part he played in robbing a bank, left this outlaw really (for the lack of a better word) "teed" off, because when he got out he formed his "Wild Bunch" and another part of the history of the old west was about to be made.

Some where along the trail he met a man that we all know was Robert Redford, but the history books tell us his real name was Harry Longabaugh, Longabaugh probably thought that was to long a name to sign on a bank withdrawal so he changed it to "Kid" and took on the first name of "Sundance" which looked a lot flashier on the wanted posters, and if that ain't showmanship, I don't know what the heck is. Now unlike Jesse that supposedly was shot in the back, Butch and Sundance was chased all over the country and reports came in that they had been shot dead in San Vicente, Bolivia in 1908, but when once again DNA was done on the two men buried in the graves with their name on them,  guess what ? test results said it wasn't them. SO where ever they are some one will keep on lookin' for the graves of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, good luck, they are probably at McDonalds having lunch with Jack The Ripper, they never found him either.

In 1955 two brothers joined the Grand Ole Opry and fifty years later their names are as familiar  as they were with early Country Music lovers who tuned in ever Saturday night to WSM and the "Grand Ole Opry"   

From Henegar, Alabama came the Louvin Brothers Ira and Charlie, though we never ask why they changed it from Loudermilk, maybe they just thought the "Louvin Brothers" sounded better or was easier to remember than the Loudermilk Brothers but time has proven after you heard the harmony of Charlie and Ira, they could have called themselves anything they wanted and it wouldn't have made the music of this duo any sweeter, they were the greatest and many new artist of today either try or wish they could sound like the Louvin Brothers.

Ira, a little older than Charlie born in 1924 and Charlie was born in 1927. In 1965 Ira died in a car accident and Charlie went on alone, not an easy thing to do with part of your family missing but Charlie did and has had a very successful solo career.

Since going it alone Charlie has had many songs that have done well for him, he has established the "Louvin Brother's Museum" in Bellbuckle, Tennessee, he has a web site where the fans can reach him and right now has a brand new 10 song gospel CD filled with great music called "HEAVEN KNOWS", this is the kind of CD or music, that you just need to be alone in your easy chair, eyes shut and listen to the words and music. Some of the songs on this album include "Heaven Knows It Must", "Soon The Lord Will Come", "Yesterday's Me" .

Let me ask you, have you ever seen on TV or maybe it has happen to you if you had a twin brother or sister or someone that was closer to you than the shirt on your back and when something happen to you they felt it or if something happened to them you felt it ? or maybe a house or a boat or maybe just one room where a spirit lived that never went away ? sometimes love or spirits just never leave no matter what, do you remember the song Lefty recorded called "The Long Black Veil" where the words say, "she visits his grave, when the night winds wail"?

On the last song on this album, "Whispering Now" which in it's self is a beautiful song, all of the tracks are blank except the ones being used by Charlie and his music, nobody is singing harmony with Charlie, at least that you can see. "Nobody knows and nobody sees, but you can hear for yourself."

This CD was produced by Randy Stalls who has a lot of new things lined up for their "Vision Quest Music Group" including Del Reeves and maybe Hawkshaw Hawkins jr. who we heard for the first time last night singing one his Dad had recorded but never lived to see hit the charts called "Lonesome 7-7203".

The old sayin' goes, "when it sounds to good to be true, it usually   is" Like a few months ago we had a company from overseas (no need to mention the country or the company) we are not here to put people down and name names, but they advertised some really good looking CD's, top American Country artist and some real classics, and at a very low price to dealers, so we ordered about 90 of them, other than the covers looking good, the CD's wouldn't make good Frisbees and if I were the artist they released this junk on I would take them over there and stick them where the sun don't shine, but we're not the artist.

Then came about ten days ago when we got a flyer from a company in Chicago saying they had just released some old transcription and disk recordings they had purchased or leased and these to were on some top name Classic Country artist, and our first thoughts were, here we go again.

As old Waylon would say in his song "Wrong" these things are great and you dang sure get your money's worth when it comes to not only the quality of the digital mastering they did but the number of songs that are on most all of these albums, let me tell you who is on them and they got more a'comin'. First, Hank Thompson, we called and spoke with Dee Dee, Hank's right hand lady and runs the office for him, she said Hank is really pleased with the package, which by the way, the package is 23 of Hank's songs including a gospel song called "When God Calls His Children Home" which had not been released or heard in many, many years, Hank was real happy about that one being on this CD. A few more that we were really happy to see on this CD are "Simple Simon" "Standin' On The Outside" "Yesterday's Mail" ah shucks, who am I kiddin' if Hank Thompson burped in a bottle and recorded it I'd buy it, this is a great album.

Second, Rex Allen, a 22 song CD from Mr. smooth or the Frontier Doctor, or the Arizona Cowboy or the man that did tons of narration's behind some of the greatest Disney films ever made for children, or what ever you wish to call him, these also are just some really good listing tracks and good ole' Rex must have been pleased, he wrote them a letter happy as a lark.

We are going down the list and tell you how many songs are on each and also that each CD not only looks great with a super cover on it but most all have at least a three page insert with plenty of good reading in it just like you used to read on the back of album covers back in the good old days.

Next, 4 complete radio shows by the masters of cool western singing, the "Sons of the Pioneers"  a total of 20 songs. You'll need to buy two copies of this one, one for you and one for some of your kin folk in Texas, unless you live in Texas, in which case keep them both for yourself when you wear one out,  you have a spare.

Number four, a 51 song double CD on Pee Wee King called "Pee Wee King's Country Hoedown" this is the most music released on Pee Wee King since peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, you can stick these in your car CD player and hear Pee Wee from Amarillo to Ft Worth non-stop, this is without a doubt a must for your collection if you are a Pee Wee King, Red Stewart fan, It's a whole heap of Pee Wee.

Number five, Twenty Four songs from the one and only Foy Willing and his Riders of The Purple Sage, this one has got more memories in the package than a fat mouse full of cheese, a double page insert with some bits and pieces about the songs and a smilin' Foy Willing on the cover, remember Blue Shadows on The Trail ? it's in here.

Six is, Mr. Jim Reeves and "Kimberley Jim"  14 songs from Jim's Movie by the same name, the insert is eight pages or four regular pages (both sides) including a mini picture of the movie half sheet promoting the movie "Kimberley Jim", and some real good readin' on one of the smoothest singers every to step in front of a mike, the music the sound track the readin' the whole thing is better than buttermilk on Wheaties, and if it is not a part of your Jim Reeves collection then it should be.

And last for tonight from Bloodshot and Soundies is Spade Cooley, now we know there are plenty of Spade Cooley fans out there because of all the request we have received for Spade Cooley recordings and this one is a keeper, nine of these Cooley cuts feature the voice of Mr. Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette, Tex Williams and when they were a duo, well, you couldn't get much better than that where western swing was concerned, the title of the album? what else, "Shame On You".

A lot of songs by a lot of artist  were just a part of their radio shows back in those early days, time has gone by and fans still remember songs they heard from those broadcast and write every record company they can find an address for and haunt the Goodwill Stores and Salvation Army stores looking for some of those old songs they heard many years ago, well it's sad to say, but some of them never made it to record when that particular artist started or ended his recording career over the years, but these recordings above now digitally remastered from original transcriptions have so many of those great  songs on them that have been locked away all these years that it's like finding your grand ma that you thought had got sick of the family and left home, now to find that the door had locked behind her when she went to the basement for a jar of jelly many years ago, she may be a little skinner' than she was, but she's still grandma and she's really full of jelly, like these recordings are, sweeter than ever.

All the titles on all these recordings will be put into our web site catalog which you will be able to bring up by just going to the front page of our web site and punching up "catalog" if you can't wait to know what the titles are from one of these CD's before we get them up, just email us a little note and we will list them all for you right then on which ever CD you want, and after you get what you ordered, if it is not all we said it is, send that bugger back and we will refund every penny, no questions asked. We do have a few more CD's we want to tell you about by some independent artist that are plumb good but we have run out of time for tonight except to say what we have to say about an old friend.

If you have been reading our web page news very long then you have read the jokes and things we have said about our good friend Ancel Cook, you may not know his name at all but if you own a TV then you could not help but have seen him on one of the many, many commercials and TV shows he has been on, for the last two years his commercials would run two or three at a time in the Super Bowl Games, everything from M&M commercials to one of them things you put across your nose to help you breath better. Anyway we just heard this past week that Ancel has cancer, since my own Mother died from cancer when I was just a young boy, I never forgot the pain she went through it is something you never get out of your mind no matter how old you get, granted this is nineteen ninety nine, not nineteen forty nine and knowledge of the disease is more plentiful now and we hope that enough is known now to save our friend.

God is walking in your tracks right behind you old friend and we pray that he don't let you fall.

We'll see you next time but just in case we don't, take care of yourself

Don Bradley  


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